4 Girls Night In Plans That Will Never Fall Through

Gather up the Ganja, because tonight is going to be full of laughs and making shit! 


Here are 4 ways you can make your girls night productive and fun as hell. First, of course grab a few different strains of Cannabis or concentrates. I generally like to smoke flower before I eat and then Dab after dinner. When creativity is the forefront of intention, we do dabs first.


Check out our Pinterest Food Ideas Page for easy snacks to make that are great conversation food.

2) Crafting Time

It never fails with each trip down the Pinterest rabbit hole I come back up with another $40 I want to spend on craft supplies. There are plenty of fun craft ideas you can do for 20 bucks each if you and your BFF get the creative bug.

3) Cook Dinner Or Bake Something DANK

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook is full of awesome recipes and you can make your own cannabis coconut oil. REMEMBER take it slow! Edibles are not fun when you intake to much! Start slow and feel it out. If you have a huge sweet tooth just forgo infusing so you can eat the entire brownie pan and not feel bad.

4) Do Some Magic

We all know which witchy sisters we can call over for a full moon ritual or a energy healing session. Gather up your crystals and sage and do a little magic. You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to work magic into your life. Intention is always key, so no curses!

Check out our Pinterest Page under Magic + Rituals.

How did you spend your girls night in? Tag us @thestonedhousewife on Instagram


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