Erbanna Jenny: The Ninja of Smell Proof Bags



I could not believe my eyes when I first opened the package from Ana at Erbanna. The Jenny is the best little companion for any housewife looking to keep your cannabis out of sight and still be classy. It is perfect with it’s tiny lock to keep your stash safe.

The Jenny comes with plenty of padding and numerous different spots to keep your concentrates, papers, nuggets, lighter, and glass all under gold lock and key. Each piece of your consumption toolkit has its place because there is nothing worse than having a fully packed bowl and no lighter in sight.

How does she do with the smell? Well Jenny’s have something called Odor Loc technology so I put it to the test with the three smelliest strains I could find, Lemon G, Space Monkey, and Pucker OG. I broke open each strain and sure enough once the zipper is sealed…no smell, no stink, no skunk. I also placed a semi cashed bowl and joint back into the bag after use and the smell was locked in. The smell proof jar provided is really perfect as well. The attention to detail is amazing, you can see each part and how it was designed with such intention.

I have already decided I need the Kate for Christmas…(cough cough House Husband?)

This bag is printed with the French version of what Miami was like in the 50’s. We know the housewife of yester-year would approve. Erbanna bags are perfect for gifts and come in a variety of sizes.

Erbanna has taken the smell proof bag to another level. I have to say it again the attention to detail is simply stunning! If you have children and are looking for something to keep in your purse that you can keep locked up, the Jenny is for you.

Check out Erbanna style for exclusive offers and follow them on Instagram. Purchase a Jenny for your mom or your best friend! They will surely love it, afterall it is The Stoned Housewife Approved.


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