Metaphysics: A Beginners Guide

Meta derives from the Greek meaning “beyond”, “upon” or “after”.
Psychics is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy.

This means Metaphysics goes beyond science and what we know of the nature, energy, and matter.
The energy we can not see but feel. Do not simply shrug it off as hocus pocus because you have not opened up your mind and let your ego step aside to understand it.
There is a cosmic energy flow that you feel deep in your heart, that is a divine energy, a spiritual energy, A LIFE Force energy. Call it God, Jesus, Spirit, Universe, whatever…it is an energy.
We distinguish things in our minds before our heart even gets a chance to speak. We categorize and compare, which is led by the ego. The heart is the seat of your COSMIC FLOW. The universal gift each is given and must choose to act upon or remain at the will of the Ego. LET Go Of EGO!! When you do, you open yourself up to the wisdom that is buried deep inside your subconscious. The wisdom waiting to be remembered. Metaphysics enables you to take a closer look at your thoughts from sitting in the cosmic heart seat.

Being in Nature and specifically utilizing Crystal and Plant Spirits, added with having a mindful intention of gratitude every day, brings us closer to our ancestors way of life who could tap into an elusive magical knowing. It resided in their conscious and they understood and honored this.
 In our modern society, we have been stuffed into a box starting from the earliest age of how we “should” do, see, and feel things. PLEASE take this word out of your vocabulary! Especially when talking to your children. The only should in your life needs to be taking the time to be in nature a little bit every day.
The Plants and Crystal spirits were the first to inhabit the planet. Plant Spirits can teach us so much, working with psychedelic plant spirits has helped me see the world as a giant web. When one piece comes apart, the entire web can be diminished. We must stay connected and intertwined. Do Not let your ego separate you from someone because they don’t believe or even think the same way as you. The consciousness stored inside the plants and crystals has much to teach us if we simply listen.

Intentionally working with metaphysics and even taking the time to communicate with the other forms of consciousness on the world is vital to our species evolving. Some people say we are more disconnected than ever, but I don’t believe that. I believe that we are awakening more each day with the help of our crystal and plant spirit companions who have been here waiting for us to awaken to our full potential.
The blood, intention, and souls of those ancient beings still resides in our subconscious and the consciousness of the earth.
We must reconnect with our heart and let it speak before speaking straight out of the mind. Go Beyond what you feel and dig deeper into WHY you feel the way you feel. Examine your patterns and do everything with a positive intention.
Don’t shame someone else simply because they don’t live their life the way you think they “should.”
-The Stoned Housewife

We each have a unique path and if by some chance your soul is an all knowing cosmic being, wouldn’t you want to live beyond the properties of matter and energy?

Always remember:





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