To You: Every Badass B*TCH

Bitches Get Stuff Done
-Tina Fey


We have all been called or passively called the ever so hysterical “insult” of Bitch. AS IF that is going to hurt us. They used to burned us….Hello,this world and especially girl world has been a playground! If all you can call me is a bitch, what is this 3rd grade?

“The single most important quality to achieving psychological and spiritual health is learning to own your personal power.” Dr. Joshua David Stone

So what is your power?

Do you use your words to try and tear someone else down or build them up? Anyone, especially those closest to you.

Do you take it personal when someone passively or forcefully tries to take your power by calling you names?

Do you send compassion and know that person is actually hurting and thinks outward insults can help ease their pain?

Being called a bitch has never been more empowering in my opinion. Different things empower different people. Period. Years ago when those words are thrown in my face as to cause a painful reaction, I became more aware of my power. That word did not do what that person intended it to do. I always had a knowing what other people thought of me was none of my business. I don’t seek out to find who is displeased with me and I don’t surround myself with people who are displeased with themselves causing a behavioral cyclic pattern of destruction on mental, physical, and energetic levels.


It comes down to your shadow. What you see as a Bitch in someone else, is simply the bitch in you.


Sorry if that burst your bubble, but I am pretty sure most of my readers will have the knowledge of everyone being a reflection of yourself. Your perception of what you see is a direct reflection of your views and patterns. When you are gentle with your growth and acknowledge the bitch in you, something changes. It is no longer an insult but a welcoming of your shadow self. The deep dark part of ourselves that resides in us forever and can not be banished. You are cosmic shadow and light. You can make a choose to live in either aspect.

The years of patriarchal conditioning into thinking our fellow women are bitches for simply being assertive are over. I was never so empowered as when someone called me a bitch. My heart said, “Oh I will show you Bitch.” I smiled and endured with patience. Giving myself the love I needed to break free from conditioned abusive relationship patterns. When you rise within yourself and look directly at that Bitch who lives within you, you empower your light to shine brighter. Honor your darkness, acknowledge it IS there.

Find someone in your life who you have thought was SUCH a bitch and look back on the situation. Did they resemble something in yourself that you were’t ready to directly face? Did their actions actually hurt you or did you choose to give your power away and let them think they took it?



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