Have You Encountered A Cannabis Snob? How To Get Higher and Rise Above It.

Snob: a person who believes that their tastes in a particular area are superior to those of other people


We have all seen them, the Blue Dream haters, the Rosin haters, the indoor grown hater, and the list goes on and on. Being raised by around psychologists had many advantages, one being I learned that this represents at least some degree of entitled narcissism in which people think they’re better than everyone else. That they know better, their choices are better, an oh only the Cannabis they get is the best! I’ll admit it, I have been there. When you grow your own cannabis, you do become proud of it.

But the Cannabis Snob is a whole new breed of their own. I can understand as a patient your need for organic, chemical free Cannabis, but I don’t understand how their is a rising of almost vegan level extremists on every part of cannabis culture you can imagine. (Note: Not saying all vegans are extremists, just the ones who shame other people for not making the same life choices is just as bad in my opinion.) I have been vegan and I understand the massive impact of animal agriculture on this planet but I wont shove it down your throat and say “You’re wrong for making the choices you make. I wont make memes intentionally hating on anything because that’s not my intention.

If your intention is to shame someone else for how they live their life, you need to take a step back and reevaluate some things.

  Any form of being radical or extreme does not sit well in my presence. I won’t be radical and shame you for eating meat just like I won’t shame you for getting your cannabis from a dispensary or dabbing Rosin, or growing your cannabis under dope ass LED’s instead of out in the sun. Do you! Don’t look for acceptance from anyone outside of yourself.

In this day and age we find it important to distinguish ourselves from other people. A lot of the times that comes off as superiority. The real kicker is most everyone is completely oblivious to this. Why?  The world is a big playground of recognizing intention based practices and most people don’t live with intention. They live each day to just get through.

When you see something as simple as meme that someone uses to justify their way of consuming,living, their political choices, etc ask yourself…What is their intention? I find myself asking that every time I am on Instagram.

Do you post into the world of social media WITH intention or the blind following to get as many likes to make you feel that people agree with your opinion?

Here are ways to consciously & intentionally handle the Cannabis Snob if they creep up into your life.

Recognize where the need to be a snob comes from. People who genuinely feel good about what they do and are happy, usually do not feel the need to criticize others. Even jokingly. Some just radiate an aura of superiority covering up the insecurity. Compassion is The key to stopping the cycle of snobbery.

Do NOT buy Into It. For a snobs intention to work, you must accept it as true and agree that your way of doing things is inferior. That includes getting offended by their personal opinion. The reverse snob doesn’t work because you are just continuing the ill intention based pattern. Simply not responding or sending them love because you can see their insecurities is a great pattern to begin.  Don’t feel bad for how you choose to consume, but be knowledgeable at the same time. Always take a note from Ice Cube when you see those patterns and just say…


Honoring what makes you unique. The triggers of envy, jealousy, and spite arise in us as human beings because somewhere in the past, maybe your early childhood, this was your pattern of reaction. You saw it or felt it and subconsciously continued to mimic it. If you acknowledge the parts of you that are seeking to feel as someone else is claiming they feel, you will see that those qualities are already within you. You will feel less likely to envy when you start showing yourself more Love.

Send some of the love to the endless amounts of people who blast their insecurities on social media in order for likes. Let go of judgement and see the compassion they needed and still are looking for.

If you feel you are the perpetrator of snobbery check back on 12.12 for my intensive Inner Child Meditation.



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