Your Goddess Light Is Needed: Time To Get Lit

To My Dearest Sisters,

Are you seeking something outside of yourself? Sending the message the goods you came with aren’t good enough. That you need someone to complete you, some thing, some god. No Honey! Find that fire deep within and watch it burn. You are here to do something amazing, you just need to follow your authenticity to get to it.

Even as I am writing this, my ego wants me to believe that no one will read this or relate to it, or that it is not good enough. Maybe to my ego but it is my truth. What is my ego but a boisterous form of myself I created? I share this because it is what helped me through a time when I was continually seeking to find happiness in everything but me.


When you commit to yourself it shows that you are the elusive heaven you have been seeking. You turn on the light when you make the choice to wake up each day and live your unique life with wholesome intention and authentic resilience.

How do you do this?


Seriously. It may sound easy for some and impossible to others. Take the hard road:

Look back at your past and LOVE every single event,

every trauma,

every celebration,

every funeral,

every childhood friend,

every lost lover.

These things shaped who you are. Change your perspective and look back on these events as if you just died being the most beloved person in the cosmos. Accept the lessons they taught you and how you grew. Imagine you wrote out this life your seeing flash before you. Do you think your soul is cosmic enough to have written the entire story? If you didn’t who did and would you still have your free will if you did not write it?

You are not going to magically change and release it all in one fell swoop, but you can choose to see yourself as a badass cosmic being who is truly unique. Please for the love of all that is sacred, do what ignites you. The world needs you being authentic because no one can come close to what you are.  Know that what you have to offer the world is unparalleled. If someone thinks they can copy you and offer the same, simply send them love. Light up a bowl and laugh a little. Think of it as you have the master plan in your head and they only saw the cover page. No one can do you Better than you!

Choose to Empower You

Choose Your Truth In Challenges

Choose to Light Up 

Create Your Calm

What unconscious pattern on not doing or doing something based on what your parents did? .

Are you highly attached to something outside of yourself to feel safe?

How are your results when or if you take the time to look within?  

Would you rather be filled with unconditional love or a fear that twits your guts like a bong rip to hard?

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