7 Broad City Moments That Make You Love Your Stoned BFF!


Who is your best friend that makes you laugh and mirrors the creative artistry of the amazing masterminds and badass cannabis women from Broad City?

Abbi and Illana are absolutely on my list of Stoned Peeps I want to sesh with and just generally encourage, support, and bond over our love of the great Ganja Queen!

Kick back and send love to your bff whether they are near or far and even off this earthly plane.

That Friend Who Always Has The Best Dance Moves At The Best Times

The Friend Who Will Let Your Crush Know You Like Him With No Awkwardness At ALL

Your Ride Or Die

Your Encourager

The One Who Comes Over With Coffee & Dabs

Your Emotional Support

Your Amazing Idea Empire Builder

Now Go Build Some Empires Ladies! For An in depth look into Season 4 filming this winter check out Move Pilot and Check Out New Episodes Of Broad City Summer 2017!!!!



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