Gemini Cold Moon Ritual

Δ 2016’s Last Full Moon Δ

“Ritual: Transformational Communication”

image via Living Shamanically


While the Sun is in Sagittarius, the sign of the the Traveler and the Truth Seeker, the last Full Moon of 2016 will be in Gemini, the sign of communication. It is the utmost perfect time to express what is on your mind but especially what is in you heart. In this transitional time the twins are talking to us loudly. Ruled by Mercury the messenger, be open to receiving news on all fronts.

This Full Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius, is Trine Mars in Aquarius. All signs of positive flow. All great signs of going within and working with your own Light. Do not worry about how others need to change. Focus on you and the outward changes will happen. Everyone is a mirror, always remember.

Speak your truth because the world is waking up. How do you communicate? With each day new frontiers are being opened as well as ego being dissolved. Are you listening? Or are you simply continuing the same worn out habits of social media back and forth? To tap into your transformative powers try these conscious exercises during this Gemini Full Moon or you can start them Now. It is your choice.


dearmeWrite a letter from your Higher Self

Under the Light of the Full Moon sit down with 4 candles for each direction. Gather your elements, Crystal spirits, and plant spirits. Sit down comfortably and write yourself a letter. Start with your 8 year old self: What would you say that you needed to hear back then?

Give yourself encouragement to face the years ahead. Apologize to yourself for the people who may have hurt you or who never gave the apology you thought you deserved. Give that to yourself in this letter. Tell yourself all the wonderful things that are going to happen (that have already happened to you) and communicate this joy out into the entire world.

Imagine as your writing the light traveling up from your heart, through your hands, out your fingers, onto the paper, encompassing the room, your home, and the entire world. Close the letter with a powerful affirmation that will resonate with you daily.

Collaborate With Someone

Gemini is about synergy. Taking both aspects and fusing them together to help give you the extra little push you need. Find someone who you feel is a kindred spirit and combine your talents. Maybe they can help solidify or give a fresh perspective on something you seem stuck on. Gemini knows how to pass the ball back and forth.

slow-downrelaxbreathenow-is-the-timeBe Clear

Before you say anything for the entire day: stop and listen from the cosmic heart. The place deep inside that feels very strongly. Where the tear reserves come from, when you are so grateful you could burst, the center of you BEing.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice and time to Celebrate the Light. The Light within each and every person, even if they don’t seem to shine it. You shine your Light. Feel it, Embrace it, and Live in that Light.


Mercury goes Retrograde December 19th till January 8th, 2017. A common opposition to this time is that things are “out of whack”. Remember that everything has it’s purpose. Make sure to relax and slow down during this time. So do your shopping now and be the calm energy that surrounds the crazy holiday crowd.

Unify With Your SiSTAR Tribe

Ask yourself What is going on in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies?

Do you want overwhelming support for your dreams and aspirations?

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