Winter Solstice | Numerology | Age Of Light

Today may be the day with the least amount of light but now it grows stronger with every sunrise.

Welcome, Welcome the first day of Winter. This is the time we celebrate the light and the return of the sun. The ancients had fire festivals celebrating this time and it is necessary to stay on the lit path and use your unique intuitive skills and abilities. When we do this for the utmost benefit of ourselves & others, many will see this as an example and begin to follow.


The Moon Phase/ Last Quarter In Virgo | Void Of Course

splashing_waves_on_rocks_05We can’t forget about Mercury being Retrograde as well. The Last Quarter can be stressful and unsettling. Our ambitions are being stirred up and we feel the desire to do something important. It is in your heart and BEing. The best way to move forward is to think clearly and thoroughly before directing your energies. Complete projects that have been planned earlier and don’t just jump into whatever springs into your head during this time. The winter is a time go within.


virgo-cardVirgo the sign of integrity and with so much attention to detail in fault finding being passed as a normalcy, it is a great time to undertake a new routine. I know it is hard! Believe me, somehow every day I find the time to work, cook, clean, take care of two children, give extra snuggles to the bulldog, express my love and gratitude to my husband, work on the start of a new business, work with my Reiki, meditate and do yoga. Sometimes I forget to eat and clean for a good majority of the day. Time to cut that out.

When the moon is between signs for a short period it is void of course. It is said to not undertake anything new because it will bring no result. There is an upside though, if you take a risk where someone else could create a problem or interrupt you, can do nothing against you.


Date: 12.21.2016 Solstice time (Denver- 3:44) In Virgo 1:55

Each number has a meaning, especially when you see it repeated. 12-21-20163-44-winter-solstice-magic-1

  • 1 means stay positive – create new beginnings
  • 2 calls for keeping the faith – balance, harmony, adaptability | soul path
  • 12 strong message to stay positive and filled with faith: 12 is very significant and represented in many ways in out lives. It is a composite number meaning it can be divided by 6 different numbers. The independent creative expression
  • 21  is the cooperative creative expression
  • 22 Master Number – master builder of dreams made manifest. Ancient wisdom, realization, and evolution. Release your fears and step out of your comfort zone and get on with pursuing your passion and purpose.
  • 122 Make sure all you put out is of a positive and uplifting nature. Let go of competition and look for cooperation.
  • 221 Create your own realities with your beliefs thoughts and actions. Be grateful for all your blessings in your life. Have an attitude of gratitude. #grATTitude
  • 212 Look to yourself. All is within. You can bring positive energy into your life and home by surrounding yourself with uplifting people and utilizing the art of Feng Shui. Surround yourself with love, beauty, and joy.


For a Solstice Ritual Check out The White Goddess 

To see the numerology for this week I invite you to take a look and see how accurate it can be.

Begin the New Year with a new tribe of siSTARS and be welcomed at The Green Lodge.



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