Stoned Challenge | 33 Days Mantra Meditation

We are here to remind you it is OK to


Feelings are the key to understanding

I invite you to a life changing meditation challenge. For 33 days, choosing something to release and something to celebrate.


Each day when you take the time to be with yourself and listen to what is within, you tell the universe you are Ready. When you are ready to make the commitment to honor yourself the universe responds with a massive party!

Recent research shows rituals can be more rational than they appear. Simple rituals can be most effective. It is your intention that guides the aspect of the Ritual. Rituals performed after traumatic events can help aid in the grief process.  Performing rituals before what could be a high pressure situation like speaking in public reduces anxiety and increases people’s confidence.

Rituals like all intention based works for everyone, even the everything skeptic. For centuries anthropologists have documented rituals across cultures, which we can benefit from as ancestral knowledge holds the keys to the divine awakening happening now.  Rituals can have a positive impact on people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Being an open channel for spirit to directly communicate through increases an awareness in the unity of consciousness. You’re attempting to attune yourself to the ultimate, the one in All and the All in One. The Cosmic Goddessa in all.

Below are 33 Mantras to do while you meditate for the 33 Days. Pick one for each day whether you feel called to release the past or celebrate the future. Grab your mala and say each mantra 108 times. The powerful intention you carry will unfold as you speak it into each to this psychical realm.

33 Mantras in Meditation Challenge

Gathering 4 elements, 4 crystals, and 4 candles. Surround yourself in a comfortable seating position and write your intention for your time of going within. You can also use the intention: “My intention is to be an open channel for the cosmic to communicate through me, My ego has stepped aside and I am clear of expectation.” Gather herbs which help you relax ( lavender, chamomile, cannabis, etc)

  1. I Let You GO (starting with last event that made you angry, start releasing by saying and visualizing each)

  2. I am not a drop in the ocean. I am the entire ocean in a drop.

  3. I am whole, I am cosmic, I flow easily with Change.

  4. I honor my spirit!

  5. I am stronger than my excuses.

  6. It is the journey not the destination.

  7. I am grateful I am Cosmic.

  8. Lam : Root Chakra (helps cleanse impurities int he root chakra by opening you up to feelings of security, prosperity and belonging, and clears energy that’s blocking flow)

  9. Vam : Sacral Chakra (chant if you are struggling with relationships, to let your creativity “flow,” or express yourself in a positive way)

  10. Ram : Solar Plexus (call upon Your personal power and controlling impulses)

  11. Yam : (not feeling compassionate? connected or loved? you need to open and clear your heart chakra to re-instate the flow of universal love)

  12. Ham : (your means of communicating who you are and what you intend from yourself and from the world)

  13. Om : (awaken to your intuition, greater truth, & your own wisdom and power)

  14. Ishvara Pranidhana : (Ishvara means divine, blind faith, surrender and trust that no matter where you are right now, it is exactly where you are supposed to be)

  15. Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha (help you to let go of that which is blocking your path)

  16. I choose to LIVE!

  17. I Choose TO Be Happy!

  18. I forgive and I am free!

  19. I am Enough!

  20. I am Blessed!

  21. I am Bountiful!

  22. I am WHOLE!

  23. I follow the way of Love!

  24.  If all is one and one is all, anything is possible!

  25. I am thankful for everything I have!

  26.  I choose to believe in abundance is my reality.

  27. I am fulfilled!

  28. I am fearless!

  29. Every answer is inside me.

  30. The World is beautiful!

  31. All People are beautiful!

  32. Today is the Day!

  33. I breathe in love, I exhale Light!

    Use the mantras in any order you please, record your thoughts and creative inputs in your meditation journal.


    Always remember




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