Bond with Fellow Goddesses at The Green Lodge Gathering

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Nearly $7 billion dollars worth of cannabis products were purchased in the United States in 2016, but legalization is spurring more than just massive amounts of revenue. The intense growth of the industry, which is still technically in it’s infancy, is leaving the door open for consumers and enthusiasts to explore opportunities to strengthen their once underground community.

Maggie Murphy, founder of The Stoned Housewife and proponent of the unifying power of cannabis, is one entrepreneur working to do just that. Her idea is to unite the female cannabis community around the world, and it’s starting in Colorado.

Maggie left a sustainable, solar powered home in Georgia, and moved to Colorado to begin working for Love and Marij in 2016. Along with practicing Reiki energy healing and producing the organic skincare line Moon Rore Organics, Maggie recently launched a lifestyle blog about mothering, metaphysics, and living from a place of good Intention with a little help from cannabis and crystals, called The Stoned Housewife

The Stoned Housewife concept was so well received that Maggie thought it was time to begin hosting events to bring these women, and others like them, together in real life. The Green Lodge Goddess Gathering in Denver is the first of six monthly-events, and it sold out weeks before it’s debut. The Green Lodge Goddess Gathering is a women-only intensive-healing workshop rooted in indigenous Earth medicines and how the female body flows with the lunar cycle.

The MassRoots team was able to catch up with Maggie to learn more about her plans and these events. Read the interview below.



What should women expect when they request their invite to the lodge?

Each event is catered to the Earth medicine resonating with that month, so at the January lodge we are having a Kriya Yoga and meditation to activate those energies. Everyone gets a catered gift bag to start a foundation that can be used to build their own personal practice at home. They include a personal planner, smoking accessories, adornment pieces, crystals, and informational takeaways to help purchase the right form of Cannabis for them.

The goal is unify the strengths of women with ancestral traditions while being guided by the energy flow within our bodies. This is a new type of workshop where we guide you in a variety of ancient techniques. Guarantee we not only make you work for your healing, we lead with wisdom from many powerful sources. We are there with you to support and encourage your healing. This is not a “come on in and smoke whatever and however much you want” type of class, we consume with an intention setting ceremony to activate both our spirit and the spirit of the plant.

How Did The Stoned Housewife Come About?

I grew up in a small conservative rural town in Tennessee and was raised to think Cannabis was a seizure educing hallucinogenic and forms of divination were witchcraft from the Devil. Years after I truly realized the real power of this medicinal plant it was natural for me to incorporate it into my energy work when I became an adult. I had been collecting Crystals since I was very young and would work with them long before I was truly aware of the energy we both hold. It was natural for me to create The Stoned Housewife because I want to be of service to more than just myself and my close companions. I felt I could share my experience through writing and different events to open up a new path of healing for women to shine as their authentic selves.

What is the inspiration behind the lodge?

I decided to take a little of what I felt helped me heal in difficult times and bring in other healers to facilitate a whole new experience. I was lead by Native traditions when women would gather during their moon time and go to what was The Black Lodge and nurture each other.  I always felt I wanted to have somewhere to go during my moon time to just receive healing from a variety of beneficial techniques while being supported by other women who were “going through the same thing.” I had cysts on my ovaries since I was about 13 and sharp pains in my thighs only during my flow. I just wanted to lay on crystals and sleep the pain away. After years of studying and learning I became an Usui Reiki Healer, Esoteric Adept, and Certified Metaphysical Practitioner which led to consciously utilizing these techniques to combat those uncomfortable 5-7 days. When I set my intention to do this I was blown away by the amount of support and help I received. It happened to be when I personally committed to a structured Sadhana for prosperity and abundance when everything started to fall into place. These techniques work and have been developed by our ancestors for thousands of years, Now we as the descendants of these healers will bring it back in a way the Western Woman can create their own healthy foundations for practice.

What will each lodge entail?

The power of intention is a solid foundation block in the building of each lodgeWe connect over our moon flow companion which is a planner I designed to use during your time of the month. Kristen Williams has designed an insert for each girl about incorporating Cannabis and other plant medicines if the girls are traveling from a prohibition state as she is. It wouldn’t be possible without the Goddess Healers and Indigenous Medicine we use each month to guide us in different healing modalities such as Brazilian Dance, Kundalini Yoga, Ritual, and Shamanic Drumming.

What do you hope to accomplish?

It’s no secret some of the people in this country want to continue the Reefer Madness culture and that pattern of thinking simply doesn’t work anymore. Working with LoveandMarij this past year opened my eyes to how much potential Cannabis has and all female constituents on the planet. I wanted to take two things that have a culture of shame and discretion and shine a big ass sun beam on them to showcase a sense of unity not disgrace. The Green Lodge and the Goddesses who attend are those sun beams. I like to call us a Stoned SiSTARhood.

The Green Lodge January event is SOLD OUT and tickets for the Feb 27th lodge will be available Feb.3.

These events are INVITATION ONLY.


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