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Juicy Fruit is arguably one of the most beautiful strains to grow and the aroma definitely lives up to its pungent name. I got my hands on this lovely lady and smoked her a variety of different ways. Check out MassRoots @thestonedhousewife for more details and reviews each week!


Juicy Fruit | Hybrid | 18% THCimg_0626


Golden Triangle Thai X Afghani


The citrus smell coming from these nuggets when you break them open is reminiscent of Fun Strip gum mixed with a little Hawaiian punch. With a very stimulating effect which immediately elevates your mood. The lingering of the citrus is perfect to pair with breakfast croissants or even a midday cocktail.


img_0614 Juicy Fruit has some beautiful orange hairs sticking out all over the crevices, when I cracked her open nice dark patches graced the buds like veins. If you like getting lost in trichomes this bud is perfect and full of glittery sparkles!




Image: The Alpine Co

This is that “Hostess Weed” for a social butterfly either at a small party or full scale event.  I personally prefer to grind my cannabis in a mortar and pestle because its produces an aroma like no other. I mixed a combo of JF and Cookies & Creme into a joint and relaxed into a blissful self made hybrid after a fun filled Saturday! A  glass chillum delivers a smooth candy taste almost like a fruit juice.


Within 15 minutes I could feel my muscles relax and anxiety dissolved into a more flowy feeling. More of a body buzz than straight to the dome.  A perfect wake and bake especially if you tend to take a few extra minutes in the morning to get going or happen to be a tad bit grumpy. Prepare to always have a drink as the back of the throat can get a little dry as well as the eyes. This is a great strain to kick back and roll a J of this in the afternoon to Treat Yourself with a mini vacation from the everyday hustle.

abovehandshotPAIRS WELL WITH/AS

  • Before Hopping In The Shower
  • Tacos and Margaritas
  • Girls Night
  • Anxiety Relief for Social Events
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Running Errands

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