7 Places To Get Stoned In Nature

How many people have seen images of bongs, pipes, and joints out in the wide open space that it makes some part of you long to be in the frame? I won’t lie, by the time we pack up two kids and essentials for a hike 7 times out of 10 , we forget to get the cannabis. Now with the many ways to consume, such edibles and vaporizers you can get stoned on the go in all your favorite places while grabbing that Instagram worthy photo.

Check out my list of 7 of my favorite places to tune in and connect with Mother Nature!

Hanging Lake



St Mary’s Glacier


Black Canyon National Park


Staunton State Park- Elk Falls Trail


Garden of the Gods


Rocky Mountain National Park


Roxborough State Park


I seriously love enjoying plant medicine out in the great wide open.  What’s your favorite way to consume when outside?

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