Self Love Sanctuary: Sadhana with Ritual Radiance

 I met Loren through Instagram when we both lived 1300 miles away from each other. I had not been draw to yoga in a dedicated form until I met this beauty. She basically had me experience something I had been looking for in regular yoga classes. I just could not separate myself from the electromagnetic charge of the computer to really get into flow of my own.The classes I had been to were not the ideal setting to really go within. I was angry and irritated with myself. I was about to swear off yoga once and for all.

Then Loren and I found ourselves less than 5 miles apart living in the same city less than a year after we met. She told me about Kundalini Yoga and how she was struggling with finding something that spoke to her soul as well. The chants, the mantras, the extended periods of weird arm movements; I literally fell in love again with yoga since the first time I took a class in Knoxville Tennessee.


Loren developed a specific Sadhana, a daily practice, for me after an in depth questionnaire about what I was dealing with in my waking reality. Loren opened my heart and eyes to the most powerful prosperity I have ever known, and I tested it out for real! I quit doing all my practices for two whole weeks and literally everything changed again. These practices WORK and Loren is truly a divine shining pillar of light. How important is a Daily practice? Extremely. It doesn’t have to be Kundalini, but You deserve to enrich your life with ancient sound codes and charge your energy field with practices that embody Self Love. Read my interview below with the ethereal Loren of Ritual Radiance.

3.18.2017-17 (1)
photo credit: Austin Ferguson

TSH: What would you suggest to women who are to think they are busy to devote time to a daily practice?
LC:I suggest rethinking your idea of a daily practice! Shifting your perspective on what a daily practice is will open up the possibility for practice in every and any moment. Many of us get caught up in the idea that our daily practice has to be a long, complex, esoteric situation but it really doesn’t! I find it hard to believe anyone who tells me that they can’t create five minutes of time in the day to practice. Once you create those five minutes for yourself, just spend it breathing long and deep. Or sit peacefully and chant a single mantra. It can be that easy, as long as you let it be. Of course, you can also do more complex practices, but start small and build from there! We just have to get out of our own way every once and a while and see how simple it can be.
TSH: What would be your desert island tool kit if you only had to meditate all day?
LC: An island dedicated solely to just making your practice more enriched.
I love the idea of this island! I would bring…
+a ton of living spring water
+a meditation cushion — my hips would hate me otherwise!
+mantra music (particularly tunes by White Sun, Nirinjan Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa, Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Singh Kaur, and Alexia Chellun — look these gorgeous artists up if you aren’t familiar with them!)
+Living Tea — for tea ceremony
+sunscreen and my Frankincense Beauty Balm to cover all skincare needs!
TSH: What is the greatest reward you have gotten from your sadhana?
I have come home to myself. My true self, my infinite self. Most of my life was spent pretending to be someone else out of fear and longing to belong. Through my Sadhana, I was shown the path back to who I truly am. Embodying myself in this way has made me more radiant, more successful, and more happy!
TSH: I started my daily practice with help and guidance from you, what would you say to someone who wants to start but doesn’t know where to begin?
LC: Start right now. In this moment: close your eyes, and breathe long and deep for three minutes. Open your eyes, go about your day. Voila, you’ve completed your daily practice in under five minutes! I say this because we often make grand, sweeping statements about our desire or intention to create a daily practice. But then, in our day to day life, we don’t actually act on that desire. If you are feeling inspired to start a daily practice, start it right now while you have the energy and motivation! It also helps to keep it simple and short in the beginning. My daily practice is a twenty minute recitation of a Gurmukhi poem, but I would almost never give a client that practice
to start with. I think that pranayam (breathwork) exercises are great because they’re accessible, the effects are experienced immediately, and you can do them while laying in bed, in the bathroom, driving in the car, flying on an airplane, cooking, showering, etc. Don’t place blocks in your path!
If you’re looking for an accessible, convenient tool for creating a new daily practice, I just
launched The Sacred Self Care Journal. It’s a by-donation resource that has over 30 Kundalini Yoga practices (a new one for each day of the lunar cycle!), daily writing exercises, monthly and weekly check-ins, and a special page for both the New Moon and Full Moon! You can find it on
my website. I’ve use it daily and it’s blowing my mind how powerful
these small practices can be!
What do you want to give back or put out into the universe by teaching Kundalini Yoga?
Kundalini Yoga, in my opinion, is the most effective technology we have today to face the
challenges of our world — which are many. We are living in a very interesting time, but I feel we
incarnated here with a specific purpose. Part of my own purpose, because it is layered and complex, is to stand under these teachings and share them so that others may be elevated.
Yogi Bhajan said that, as a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, your students should be at least ten
times greater than you. In my sharing this lineage, I aim to co-create a community of people who are fully expressed, fully embodied, grounded, loving beings. I see so many communities today that are created around the idea of “My life is so wonderful, so you should follow me and like me and invest in me to become like me.”
I’m excited that I’m creating a community that honors each person as their own uniquely beautiful medicine and encourages them to invest in and be themselves.
We are all so gorgeous in our diversity! I love giving people the tools to be guided back to their own truth and their own medicine, allowing them to activate a radiance from within that is unlike any other.
TSH: Can you share a meditation that anyone can say to help increase their self love whenever the feel like it may be lower than usual?
LC: Simply chant the mantra I am bountiful, blissful, beautiful. Bountiful, blissful, beautiful am I. Allow the mantra to cut through and replace the destructive thought/behavior pattern. What’s your advice when starting a sadhana? Should women take it slow or dive in head first for an hour plus?
Everyone is different in what they can handle right off the bat. I would suggest starting small but with determination and grit. If you can’t do three minutes of daily practice, you’re not going to magically find the time, space, and grace to do an hour of daily practice out of nowhere. You have to build that energy! So start small and build up. When I first began practicing, I did a three minute meditation for about three months before increasing my time or changing my practice.
And yet, I only want to encourage anyone who is excited about longer practices! Just remember not to fall into guilt consciousness if you aren’t able to do the full practice daily. Life is life! And life is the real practice.
TSH: Have you developed more Self Love since you started your sadhana?
LC: In some ways, it feels like I developed ALL of my self-love since I started my Sadhana. Before I began practicing Kundalini Yoga, I had horrible acne, anxiety, confusion about my path in life… I didn’t believe in myself, love myself, or think I was worth anyone’s time. It all sounds so dramatic written out, but I think many of us are living life in the same way, not even realizing how much more rich, expansive, light, and joyful our lives can be.
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photo credit: Austin Ferguson

Loren Teaches Classes Every Thursday at Urban Sanctuary Denver and you can follow along with Loren on her Instagram Ritual Radiance. You can also find Loren leading The Green Lodge Gatherings in Boulder May 22 and June 26! Request Tickets Here. Now Go give your Self Some LOVE!!!!

I came to back to understanding that part of having Self Love is really accepting that NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR YOU. No matter what anyone tells you, You have to make this decision to love yourself with the intention to do it in YOUR own truth. No ONE can tell you that their truth is your truth! Maybe Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, Cannabis, whatever really did heal them BUT whenever you do not release the EMOTIONAL THOUGHT PATTERN that created dis-ease in the physical body in the first place, you can never truly heal.   I love Kundalni because I can feel the words radiate through my being.


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