A NIGHT OF EXPLORATION AND EMPOWERMENT: Green Lodge Goddess Gathering Debuts in LA

This Article Originally appeared on Dopemagazine.com

Written By: Ashley Manta

From the website, “we aim to unify our strengths by honoring ancestral traditions while creating new ones. Each month we will gather with an array of Goddess Healers who will offer their sacred unique gifts and lead in varieties of Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Drumming, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Massage, Dream Journeying, Healing Dance, and more. We gather to release, to celebrate, and to truly connect.This particular Green Lodge included womb meditation and movement for sexual empowerment facilitated by Ashley Asatu, Reiki healing and Light Work Healing from Reiki Master Lauren Unger, a vulva confidence workshop and vulva gazing experience led by me, and finally a “create your own ritual” experience with Shannon from Jambo SuperfoodsMama Sailene hosted the dab bar with delicious flower rosin and the ladies from Quim Rock had a table showcasing their cannabis-infused pleasure topical. Each lodge has its own specific metaphysical medicine for the evening with a specific animal, crystal, goddess, and plant. For the LA lodge, the plant was Red Raspberry, the animal energy was Dolphin, the crystal was Garnet, and the goddess was Hathor. These were chosen to reflect the theme of love and sexual confidence.


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