Healing Yourself: The Mental Causes of Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them


The Point of Power is Always In The Present Moment. – Louise Hay

Often we say, “That’s the way I am.” or “That’s the way it is”? What we subconsciously are saying is we “believe it to be true for us.” Life experiences definitely mirror our beliefs. In my first marriage I developed some unhealthy mental thought patterns, which resulted in me almost losing my life, and the life of my first son to the toxicity I had developed in my body. Nothing makes you snap out of unhealthy relationships with yourself and others when your life is on the line. How many warning signs do you need though?

From toothaches to UTI’s I have found relief and often times healed, yes healed,  many illnesses by using Louise Hays book Heal Your Body A-Z. Her introduction alone is powerful enough to at least get you to try it.


In this book, I want to share with you one of the reasons I KNOW that dis-ease can be reversed by simply changing mental patterns, Several years ago, I was diagnosed as having cancer of the vagina. With my background of being raped when I was five years old and being a battered child, it was no wonder I had manifested cancer in the vaginal area. Like anyone who has just been told they have cancer, I went into total panic. And yet I knew that mental healing WORKED! Being aware that Cancer comes from a pattern of deep resentment that is held for a long time, until it literally eats away at your body, I had a lot of mental work to do. So between the mental and physical cleansing, in six months, I was able to get the medical profession to agree with what I already knew;  I no longer had any form of cancer. I still keep the original lab report as a reminder of how negatively creative I can be.

Incurable means that the particular condition cannot be cured by “outer” methods and that we must Go Within to effect the healing.

Take some time to listen to your inner dialogue as well as the words you speak into the universe for 7 days. If you catch yourself saying something 3 times, write it down. A pattern has developed and can easily be changed with the will to change your thoughts and words. Look at the list you have made and see how the words relate to your experiences. The way to control your life id to control your thoughts and words.

Metaphysical Causations

This describes the power in the words and thoughts that create your experiences. A connection between thoughts and different parts of the body and physical problems. You can stop blaming life and other people for what is wrong in your life and in your body. You can take full responsibility for your health.

To permanently eliminate a condition, you must first dissolve the mental cause. For every condition in our lives, there is a need for it. Otherwise, it would not be here. Work on the willingness to RELEASE THE NEED for the cigarette, or excess weight, or whatever. When the need is gone, the outer effect can not survive.

The mental thought patterns that cause the most disease are

  • Criticism
  • Resentment
  • Guilt
  • Anger

Criticism will often lead to dis-ease as arthritis. Resentment eats away at the self and can lead to tumors and cancer. Guilt always seeks punishment and leads to pain. Anger turns into things that boil, burn, infect the body.

These statement in no way forgo or diminish any medical evidence presented.

Here is a small compilation of the A-Z List for Healing Your Body: To purchase the full book head over to Amazon. com



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