Vaporslide: The Top Shelf Vape and Bong Accessory For The Holidays


I remember back in 2013 when the first Atmos pens came out, the G pen was the hottest vape pen, and dabbing wasn’t the everyday term for inhaling concentrates. When I heard of dabbing it was some dance move and some YouTube kids were doing “for the haters.”

Fast forward to 2017 and we have numerous ways of dabbing and even more forms of concentrates to inhale. One soars above the rest in my opinion and I have been using it for over 9 months!

Here are 5 reasons why I chose the Vaporslide as one of my Top Holiday Gifts!

1: Conversation Piece AF

You haven’t quite heard the reactions of someone who is blown away until you put your tiny vape pen in the bong and take a monster hit of a concentrate. I have a 2 ft bong and a mini handheld bong and with both, the Vaporslide delivers a fantastic hit. The design is simple and as soon as you show someone what else this handy little gadget can do, you can bet someone is going to be giving these out during the holiday season.


2: Discreet

This is the perfect little companion to take out for a night out! If you don’t want to carry around joints or a glass piece, I suggest snagging one of these gorgeous Rose Gold V2’s before they sell out! This is about the size of a lipstick and can easily be concealed in your hand, clutch, or mini stash bags.

3: Bong Rips

Everyone thinks this is just another vape until you pull out a bong and blow their damn minds! I had a great friend come into Denver from D.C and I showed him how it works. He was blown away and then a couple of weeks later was telling ME about the V2 coming out! I could hear the excitement of this revolutionary new Stoned Essential.


4: Easily Replace Cartridges

These cartridges are only $5 on their website!! If you make your own oil, (we do) you can get the cartridges and just refill them whenever you want. Luckily, my full cart lasts me about 2 weeks at home. During travel, I would suggest bring a couple extra cartridges to hold you over.

5: Longer Battery Life

This is something I noticed when I went to California back in March. I was able to use this the entire 3 day trip without charging it once. It was the perfect addition to the beach side stroll I took on the last day I was there. It even accompanied me to the rooftop bar overlooking Venice Beach where I was able to have a quick drink and got lifted as I watched the sun set over the Pacific.

The battery life is no joke! I tested it out a 5 day music festival in Colorado as a working vendor. The Weedmaps tent crew at Sonic Bloom was obsessed with it and the giant joints we had everywhere were the perfect backdrop.

Needless to say whether you take your bong everywhere or not, you need to have a Vaporslide. It’s the easiest most portable vape that you don’t have to worry about charging. The V2 launch is approaching quickly and you can still get your pre-orders in now.

If you looking for a holiday gift for your favorite stoned parent, friend, or co-worker look no further.


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