Pool Side Moon Lit Reiki Sessions

For the Next 10 days I am offering an exclusive series of healing sessions for local Denver-ites.

Pool Side Reiki Sessions under the Moon Phase 

On Earth, the moon controls the tides. If the moon can life trillions of tons of water from the ocean, do you suppose that it could have an effect on the pounds of water that make up a large percentage of your body? The Farmers Almanac publishes detailed accounts of the moon’s cycle because of their effects on the growth of crops. The feminine aspects of humans is the intuitive, emotional, creative, receiving, empathic, and loving nature. Native American philosophy stressed the importance of the duality of human nature and the growth toward balance as a way of raising one’s spiritual nature.

There is negative-positive, man-woman, day-night, good-bad, and love-hate. It is desirable to achieve both emotional (feminine) and mental (masculine) qualities.  One needs both right brain and left brain functioning. The special dominance of each need waxes and wanes to coincide with cyclic events in life.

In mythology , the waxing moon represents new life, beginnings, youth, innocence, creation, growth experimentation, and the prepubescent female. The full moon  represents sex, fertility, power, fruition, harvest, maturity, completion, and women. The waning moon  signifies endings, death, disintegration, wisdom, evolution, transformation, destruction, wisdom, and the crone.


No Native American tribe identified the moon as masculine although several viewed the sun as feminine. The impact of the aspects of our feminine nature, such as our right brains, is important for men as well as women. Just as the full moon ceremonies have healing qualities for the female organs, they are equally soothing and balancing to male bodies as well. They are especially beneficial for those persons who wish to increase their sensitivity.

Reserve your spot to tap into the energetic vibrational force of the moon with sound physics, Reiki, and special indigenous practices to raise your frequency.  You may think you are progressing but are you on ten yet?

Denver Nites: Reiki Pool Side Moon Sessions

Only 8 Spaces Available: Reserve Yours Via Email: $55 Exchange

Each session includes Reiki, Frequency Attunement to 528 Hz, Spiritual Guidance, Medicine Journey, and how to understand the difference in upgrades and downloads.

August 4th- Reserve This Spot – 

The most powerful rituals are those accompanied by joy and celebration. Two ingredients must be present: emotion and action. The action may be physical or mental. If you are serious about your path, you will need to find your power song. Native Americans depended to a great extent on song and prayer for their power. It was believed the songs were given to them by spirit.

The importance of ritual in obtaining power is overlooked in our society. Ritual quiets the mind, making it accessible for spiritual acts, and a quiet mind blocks out negativity and wasted energy. Spiritual songs and prayers give power to the person performing them. To be granted the power, you must request it from your spiritual helpers and ask that it be used for the betterment of all. To use your power for anything but the highest aims will result in problems for you.


August 5th – Reserve This Spot 

Before changes are made, first one must identify the theme or scripts one thinks about during his or her day.

August 6th- Reserve This Spot 

The secret indigenous formula for healing yourself:

August 7th- Reserve This Spot 

Starting now, you can change the events that occur in your life. By dwelling on several important ideals or emotions, you can begin to attract these qualities to you.

August 8th – Reserve This Spot 

Analyze the qualities you most need or wish to cultivate. Substituting Positive for Negative.

August 9th – Reserve This Spot 

The more control you have of your thoughts, the more effective you will be in manifesting what you want from life.

August 11th – Reserve This Spot 

A medicine bag remains with a person throughout his or her lifetime. Even today, many Native American tribe have community power bundles carefully guarded by select persons. These bundles are opened only at special times and the contents are considered sacred and untouchable.

We will develop your power bundle and bury it into the Earth or hang from a tree. You present this bundle as a request for certain favors and for powers to be received.  For increased energy, bundles are presented or buried during celestial times, such as the new moon, full moon, the shortest day of the year, the longest day of the year, the summer solstice or winter, or the fall or spring equinox, and the solar and lunar eclipses.

August 13th – Reserve This Spot 

Each medicine man or woman possessed a medicine bag made from animal skin that contain power objects for healing. The contents of each bag varied in size and number, but most contained bird or animal bones, tails, feathers, or claws and an assortment of herbs or roots, smudges, paints, rocks, or other symbolic articles to represent a deity, such as the sun.

The contemporary medicine person does not need to kill for food and would never capture an animal or bird for his or her medicine. Personal power objects are opportunities for feathers, and even dead birds will appear. Dead birds and wild animals appear in a synchronistic fashion to a person, much as the live ones do.

Most medicine bags today are used by an owner to increase his or her own spirituality and sacred power. Medicine used for manipulation of others will inevitably come back on the user. It is permissible to increase your own power for the good of all.





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