Sonic Bloom | The Weedmaps Tent w/ Healthy Honeys & The Stoned Housewife

Sonic Bloom was a few months back but the healing that comes from dancing your ass off and smoking delicious Cannabis all weekend never fades away.

I was granted the opportunity to be a vendor at Sonic Bloom by some magic I manifested months prior. Little did I know, I would wind up in the WeedMaps tent all weekend with a Sponsor badge and free rein on the festival grounds.

We arrived on Thursday and this was unlike any festival experience I have had in the past. I go the VIP route usually and I wind up being in the right place at the right time. Each time getting a cosmic upgrade to enhance my experience. The few times I have been upgraded were

  • Phases of the Moon 2014: Bought GA passes Drove 12 hours and the gates were closed due to weather. I (4 months prego) knew something was coming. That something was Someone, named Chino and he hooked my husband and our pal up with All Access Artist passes. We got in that night after everyone was turned away and got backstage with Alex and Allison Grey. Phases was only a one and done festival but it was some of the most epic music I have ever seen. Google It.
  • Hulaween 2013-14-15: VIP upgrades each year from our production crew, our own golf cart, wedding perks, free drinks.
  • String Cheese Incident: Chicago 2015: 3 Night run at The Aragon: Backstage passes and Artist Access.
  • Electric Forest 2013-14: VIP upgrades, backstage viewing of the Saturday night Cheese show, we got engaged, and up close backstage view of Ms. Lauryn Hill.

So my music experiences did not hold expectation in any form. Sonic Bloom did not disappoint. Two days before we left, we got upgraded to be in the Weedmaps tent, Sponsor badges, and VIP Car Camping. We unloaded and set up camp and made our way down to the biggest shaded tent in the festival.

Perk 1: Water Blowing Fan and Electricity

Perk 2: It’s the Weed Maps tent so we blazed up the Volcano. We used a meditative blend from Herbs and Arts in Denver. This helped us relax the long days of curing hangovers and sore body parts.

We sat up our booth and laid out all the amazing products. One of our booth mates was Hempower from Boulder and I was hooked on their CBD Powder Drink Blends. They offered 4 different flavors

  1. Relief For Pain and Inflammation: with Turmeric and Boswella
  2. Calm- For Anxiety and Stress: with Ashwagandha and L-Theanine
  3. Protect- For Brain Heatlh: with Brahmi & Gotu Kola
  4. Balance- For General Wellness: With Maca and Reishi
Here is Alex! Smiling always and giving the people what they need!

Come and Toke it was also in the tent! Check them out here.

Perk 3: The CATI guy was so much fun and gave us all free hoodies and shared with us how he was making changes in Cannabis reform in his home state. He came all the way up from Texas!

On either side of us were our crew who we would be hanging out with for the majority of the festival. Our little block of cannabis advocates. This was the best neighborhood we could have asked for.

Denver Terpenes was on one side and Dave’s Hippy Oil (an organic blend of quartz and love charged essential oils) on the other. David had brought a Margaritaville machine, since the tent had mad electricity, so he kept the Honeys in tip top shape with superfood smoothies throughout the weekend. Plus his Hippy oil saved our chapped lips and bug bites from being overbearing.

The Healthy Honeys product line is the essential festival survival kit.

Nothing puts a smile on someones face when you tell them that they need to get some of the CBD lubricant. We had rave reviews about it all weekend. The skin cream helped with the sun burn, the muscle cream helped reduce a swollen fluid filled knee(this guy was dancing with us front row at Gigantic Cheese Biscuits after he got the cream and the night before he was in very visible pain.) The isolate went into all of our food and the bath bombs helped relax after the 4 day festivities were over. These products work on such another level. We had the Marys’s transdermal patches on each day and between the isolate and the yummy vegan meals we ate all weekend, our bodies were dancing each night and waking up very rested. Saturday we had the full force of the Honeys at Bloom (Perk #4) and people were coming into the tent all day to cool off and get their endocannabinoid systems balanced.

First Alex would lure them in with their refreshing drinks and then they would come over and check out our table lined with crystals, cannabis, joint rolling supplies, and tons of product samples.

What’s ailing you? We can help!

The tent would close up about 6 each night and we were free to go explore into the wild. We sat and had a full on healing gong experience one night and danced until the sun came up another. The fire toys came out for a bit as well. With the sponsor passes we were able to go into the VIP area as well and grab lunch and late night snacks. (Perk #5)The artists and visionaries who put together Sonic Bloom are amazing. I saw some great music and jammed out to my favorite guys just wailing on their instruments. Total Jam session for GCB. Sonic was a reemergence of my self and what I really wanted became clearer.

Check out the gallery below and head over to Healthy to grab up any of the products form our trip.

Show some Love to:


Dave’s Hippy Oil

Denver Terpenes

Come and Toke It



*Kush Kard designed by Kristen Williams Design

Cannabis Is Bringing Together A New Sisterhood In Boulder

Cannabis Is Bringing Together A New Sisterhood In Boulder

This article originally appeared on

At least 158 Million people worldwide use Cannabis for medicinal, recreational, and spiritual purposes. This number increases daily as more people understand the power of this plant, and women in Colorado are coming together to prove they also can benefit from the community it brings.

Entrepreneur and hierophant that Cannabis can help woman dissolve “the competition complex,” Maggie Murphy of Colorado, also known as The Stoned Housewife, is blazing this path with The Green Lodge Goddess Gathering.

Once each month, with dates currently scheduled through June 2017 at the Vali Soul Sanctuary in Boulder, healers from all over the world are invited to enrich the lives of the women at the Green Lodge Goddess Gatherings. The theme, though always centered around indigenous Earth Medicine, changes each month, so ladies are encouraged to attend as many as possible to build upon previous teachings. While the theme may change, Maggie insists that one thing is for certain,

“Participants can expect that Loren, the house Kundalini instructor, will push them and enhance their moon flow by giving them specific sound currents and mantras to open up the neural pathways and promote healing.”

Regular attendee, Danielle Webster shared her thoughts about the most recent gathering,

“I have to say, smoking indoors in a public space is really cool. It’s even cooler to do this in a space with a bunch of other lady stoners who are coming together to use cannabis in a thoughtful and lackadaisical way. It’s not just about getting stoned, it’s about connecting through the use of cannabis to relax everyone and make them more comfortable in the environment. “

Through the Stoned Housewife brand, Maggie, is continuing to expand this community with partnerships for future lodges in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

“I love to create a space where women can come together and try new aspects of healing on multiple levels, and where each individual feels like her being there contributes to everyone,” Maggie explained. As one of the most affordable Cannabis friendly workshops in the area, they also aim to give back as much as possible to the women. “There is a gift exchange at the end of each event, and every woman walks away with a newly blessed treasure. Sometimes a simple gift of the intention to make someone else happy is the most healing someone can get that day.”

When asked what her vision for the future of the Green Lodge is, Maggie explains,

“I want to continue this growing tribe of women and have lodges all around the world, Cannabis is a small but integral part of women coming together in a unifying setting. There is no need for the ego because we all come with the intention to be a community.”

Recapping the last Green Lodge, Danielle said, “We were all together chanting, moving, and holding our bodies. Loren (the lodge Kundalini Yoga instructor) pushed us as we did forms of yoga ‘exercises’ we’ve never done before, and as a team we all learned how hard it is to sit still. Certain chants made us laugh together, others made us cry, but overall we all felt 100% more connected than when we had began the gathering. ”

Future dates for the lodge include April 24th, May 22nd, June 26th.

Participants also have the opportunity to win prizes from Sponsors Stashlogix and LoveandMarij. These events are INVITATION ONLY. Click here to request yours today. For sponsorship opportunities, send inquiries to Join The Stoned Housewife’s supportive community for women on Instagram.

Los Angeles + Venice: Where Love and Weed Rein Supreme

Los Angeles + Venice: Where Love and Weed Rein Supreme

Was it the 3 am alarm or the 1 am bedtime that left me more than surprisingly blissful for my trip to Los Angeles? I think it was everything being so synchronized the entire trip. I met amazing people and found lifelong sisters once again. Read all the way to the end to enter for a chance to win one of Two Stashlogix bags I am giving away!

Thanks to Stashlogix for making my trip the absolute easiest traveling packing I have ever experienced. Can I be the first to test out a Stashlogix Suitcase?!  Kickback and relax with me while I rock onto Electric Ave and then we’ll take it higher!


My heart sank multiple times within the first two hours of walking out the front door, starting with walking out to my Lyft my 2 year old noticed I wasn’t in the bed, and started the sad middle of the night, “MAMA hold you!” cry (for any mom this is one of those times its hard to fight back the tears). The second was the moment I got my coffee after TSA Pre Check and realized I left the most important part of my trip being successful…MY BREAST PUMP attachment pieces. Breastfeeding is such a wonderful gift that can quickly feel like a curse when you are gorged out of your mind. Which can happen in good 8 hours of no contact. Target to the rescue!  Not only do I want to be extremely budget conscious on this trip, I am ALWAYS looking for a deal. when I saw I could get the accessory pack for less than $18 with a coupon from Honey, (this google chrome extension is a MUST have for the thrifty coupon code looking housewife) with in store pickup only a few miles from Venice, I eased back into my “let go and let it be” flow.

This is the first trip I have left my youngest for more than just a few hours  since she was 5 months old, It seems unreal to put that into words! So as I am sitting at the Airport waiting for my flight, listening to Bobs Burgers,  with my amazing Stashlogix bags( which are holding everything from my camera to makeup) this trip had officially begun.

The in flight wifi was a double edged sword on Southwest Airlines. The $8 price tag was not worth the hassle of how badly I wanted to catch up on The Magicians latest episode, but the Syfy channel did not work on the plane because they limit the streaming of certain sites… next time I am prob going to skip that and keep my 8 bucks while downloading whatever I want from Netflix. I did get to see the Grand Canyon from 40,000 feet so That was AWESOME!

Once I landed in Los Angeles if wasn’t until I walked into Abbot’s Habit, that I felt truly immersed beneath the palm tree lined streets and oddly cloudy weather I didn’t expect. (This come full circle with Mama Sailene, keep reading Its about to get SO REAL! )Abbot’s Habit is an amazing little place that has delicious soups, coffees, fresh juice, and bomb ass sandwiches.  I had the Bobo Chicken with a small Red Pepper soup. It turns out I was meeting a great friend and pioneer in the Venice community Tuesday morning named Mama Sailene. Who happened to be a well know host of very sought after events at this pre­gentrification Abbot Kinney coffee shop.

Sunday was my day to explore Venice, so I lugged my suitcase up and down Abbot Kinney Blvd until I was able to check into my AirBnb. I popped into a couple amazing stores including Mystic Journeys which felt like my home away from home. I seriously thought about getting a nap in on their couch beside the wind chimes but was pretty excited to see the sunset over the Pacific for the first time.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to eat much at my reservation for Cafe Gratitude at 1 that day by 12:30 I was really feeling tired, but I did and it was unreal as well.  Cafe Gratitude is a short walk from the shops at Abbot Kinney so  Of course as soon as I saw the pup friendly patio at CG I was wide awake. I love seeing the happiness and love that exudes from every dog especially when they can sense I am one of their kindred spirits. Dogs are totally one of my spirit animals. He was just like my bulldog refusing to fall game to the paps.

With small tapas all consciously titled under the massive I AM heading, the menu does not fall short. I had the I am Intuitive, a blend of sweet potatoes fries and purple potatoes with a spicy Chashew Aioli and Gremolata. Along with a digestive aid sparking water with essential oils of peppermint.

I checked into my AirBnb around 3pm to fully relax. This place was more magical than I anticipated and I was overwhelmed with being by myself for the first time. So honestly I took some time to cry and let my emotions flow through me.

I brought my small container of my moms ashes to bring her to the beach inspired by my pal Cole Peddie which is what he does with his brothers ashes. My mom moved to California in the early 70s with two kids and a suitcase. I can not imagine how she felt being in such a majestic place. As I walked down the Ocean Front Walk I could see the days long past, the artistry changing by the gentrification of Venice by the wealthy middle class that keeps happening in cycles every 20+ or so years. When I arrived at Ocean Front I did not expect to be greeted by the giant mural of Jim Morrison I had on my list to see but there he was smiling down welcoming me to his home from the past where he sat on the beach where him and Ray crossed paths to create one of the most legendary groups in rock and roll history. I’m talking about The Doors. Jim fell in love with Pam in these very streets, streets so filled with love it inspired great poetry.

I watched the sun set over the ocean while on the rooftop of the Hotel Erwin at High Rooftop Lounge.  This trip felt like such a weekend getaway and Monday, the cornerstone of the trip was approaching fast.

My night ended with a Nice Canna Company edibles and lounging on a luxurious red velvet couch designed from the 18th century and watching Bob’s Burgers. You can take the girl out the country but you can’t take her away from her comedic roots. Also this mama bear was asleep by 8PM.


Today was the big day! I had an entire day planned of exploring, Kundalini Yoga, and filming. I jumped out of the bed and treated myself to the first private and kid free morning I have had in A LONG ASS TIME! I was completely in my own energy and for someone who is surrounded all the time it was the perfect balance for awakening in this powerful place on the Spring Equinox of all days. Divine Timing is prob the Phrase of the Trip.

I walked down 0.9 miles from my Airbnb to the Rama Institute where the feminine energy of change has manifested and created a space by the powerful soul Guru Jagat.  My dear friend and Kundalini Yoga instructor for The Green Lodge, Loren, introduced me to practices that I was unfamiliar with and brought me back to enjoying Yoga and ultimately life on a new level. I had been to some Cannabis led yoga practices in Colorado and became so over stimulated by the downtown 10 am beating down and I could not enjoy or engage successfully in the practice. It was to much over stimulation of the pineal gland with the cannabis intake before.

When I began practicing Kundalini Yoga, there was a definite awareness of the extreme power in these practices.  Yogi Bhajan took the best from each branch of Yoga to provide the most effective healing imaginable. The healing force of the sound current is unimaginable and extremely beautiful when beings come together to heal together as a community.

Kundalini Yoga- Each class is comprised of a warm up, kriya, and meditation. A KRIYA is a set of postures, sound current, and breath work. MANTRA means sound current. It instills a sequencing that alters the functioning of the brain and body. MEDITATION in kundalini yoga is in essence a directing of energy. Unless specified, you are not expected to keep your mind blank. _From

I arrived at RAMA just before 9 o’clock and settled into the class led by Sat Purkh (Kelsey Stevens who was subbing for Guru Jagat while she was in Nicaragua for the Equinox). A small class of us were led through a balancing Kriya and at the end she played the enormous gong which made me feel like I was in outer space. The sounds of the universe were resonating through me and it was a great intensity.

I walked out of RAMA feeling so balanced and elevated. I headed back down Lincoln Blvd and stopped in The Flowerboy Project for a refresher and the entire store was something out of a book! I then walked down to The Mart Collective, which I easily killed an hour+of time exploring all the antique vendor booths.

I perused a little farther down the street to find The Venice Love Shack which I could not resist stopping in and talking to the etching artist Brinnin Broski where we had one of my favorites conversations of the entire trip. You know when you meet someone who is just in you Soul Family?! Brinnin is AMAZING and doing some tangible and powerful healing pieces. We exchanged gifts and parted ways after exploring the vintage furniture store.

When I arrived back at my AirBnb I quickly ran to get a shower to get ready for The Weed Show with Charlo Greene which was only a short drive into Los Angeles. Charlo invited me out a few weeks back to talk about Pregnancy and Cannabis consumption. This topic is still judged as Taboo in our culture and the mom shaming is completely unnecessary. She spoke of The CannaMama Clinic Doctor Rachel Knox who actively speaks and educates on the endocannabinoid system and how just because you become pregnant your body doesn’t stop gaining benefits from cannabinoids. You can see more with Dr Rachel here and You can see what we talked about here! Plus Indiana Jones, the studio dog kept us company between the blunts.

I am grateful for Charlo for creating such a powerful platform and being a shining light in this industry for education and empowerment for women. At the end of the show Tori the producer presented me a small gift bag with a bath bomb from Om Edibles, Uncle Dougie’s Knots, and some CBD salve made by the lunar phases from The Sisters Of The Valley, you know, the weed nuns! OMG! To top it off The Green Lodge is available to come to LA thanks to The Weed Show’s studio also being a co working space!

After the show aired Live on YouTube, Facebook, and I tunes, I headed back to Venice and was graced with one of my favorite past times, Food Truck Burritos. So delicious. This was the last night I was in town and Tuesday had even bigger surprises for me. So I soaked up that bath bomb and devoured those medicated sugared pretzels.



Before I left for my trip I connected with a true soul sister who I have followed and admired for some time, the mastermind and goddess behind so many projects including The Ganja Goddess Getaway, Bliss Edibles and Extracts, but she is just such a powerful force in so may women’s lives remotely and in California. She set up a lunch date for me to meet the infamous Mama Sailene. I flipped out literally knowing I was going to meet another powerful soul sister!  Merry Janes article stated,

“Sailene is the owner of westside Los Angeles’ oldest and most iconic delivery service and has long been a key figure in the Venice community. Ironically, the delivery business, now well into its second decade, never had an official name. It was just The Girls or, to some, The Angels. The lack of a name didn’t matter. Everyone who needed to knew exactly who she was.

Like most of the trailblazers of her generation, she was forced to split her focus with a second demanding (and fully legal) career. In her case, it was in restaurant management and event planning. And, although there’s no real surprise there, she was great at it.

Her most visible run was at Abbot’s Habit, the original, pre-gentrification Abbot Kinney coffee shop where the cool Venice crowd started their day. For the lucky ones, however, the real fun took place at her parties. Invitations were highly coveted, and not just for the food (incredible) or the hand-rolled joints (plentiful).”

Without speaking to Sailene prior to this trip, I did not meet her until Tuesday, I was drawn to Abbots Habit and actually wrote that part of the blog while sitting in there!!!! Whoa! I knew the energy there was special and when Mama picked me up and I told her how much I loved it, her eyes filled with tears. Reassuring that this trip has been the healing I  needed.

Deus Es Machina Coffee

Sailene picked me up at Deus Es Machina and we headed Gjelina the BEST place to eat in Venice and where the likes of Beyonce, Reece Witherspoon, even Rihanna have graced.  It is the swankiest and as soon as we walked in I got to meet the chef and co-owner behind it all, Travis Jett. He was delightful! Our food included appetizers of

  • Tuscan Kale salad, Shaved Fennel, and Ricotta Salata
  • Japanese Sweet Potato, Jalapeno Yogurt, and Scallions
  • Wood Roasted Cauliflowers:Recipe

Mama had the Crispy Duck Comfit, Whitled Chicory, & Kumquat

photo: Gourmetcentric

While I indulged in a Gruyere, Caramelized Onion, Formage Blanc, and Arugula Pizza.

image via flicker

Of course we couldn’t leave without dessert. Warm Date Cake, Whiskey Caramel and Ginger Gelato Which I was thrilled to find the chefs own Recipe.

image via yahoonews

It got better. Gjusta is the swanky bakery also popping out delicious bites and goodies by Travis who just happened to be in the parking lot in the rain talking while we got there. There is such a warm and inviting presence surrounding Gjusta and when you walk inside it is a sweet tooth’s heaven! I had to eat at least one thing from here so I inhaled a Black Currant and Raisin Roll before parting ways with Sailene, doing a few more dabs, and catching my lyft to LAX.

photo credit

Coming Home…Almost

When I arrived at LAX I was super early for my flight. Now here is where the only monkey wrench threw me into a complete panic tearful tailspin. By this time all I could think about was getting home. I missed the baby something awful and I know my sons eyes fill with a special light when he sees me. So just as I did before flying out with Southwest, I printed my boarding pass and headed to the gate. Here is where I knew something was up. Of course Frontier did not have anyone up at the podium until 10 minutes before the plane started to board and as a lot of people knew, Frontier never made you pay for your carry on if you didn’t pay for it when you bought your initial ticket. Now I have successfully flown as well as my husband, and with two children utilizing this policy that has not changed in over two years. Well they caught on apparently to the numerous people we had talked to as well who said they loved flying with Frontier for that exact reason of them not charging for a carry on.

As my zone is called to board I walk up and the lady says I need to go to the podium…I wasn’t sure why but I went and luckily I got the guy who hated his life that day and wouldn’t do his job as he was clearly not able to communicate morally with someone who just found out they wanted to charge $60 to bring my bag on. I had $25 dollars in my purse and no debit card on me. I freaked the fuck out honestly. I called my husband who was just like, “leave it.” ugh no. That was NOT an option. So I asked the man what would happen to my bag if I left it, does it go to unclaimed baggage or lost and found? His answer, “I don’t have anymore time for you.” So I smiled and said,”Thanks for being such a great help” and walked up to the boarding podium. With tears in my eyes and everything I could shove in  my purse, I didn’t care I just wanted to be home at this point, I looked at the lady and said I have to leave this here because I have never had to pay to bring it on until just now. Then the girl beside me with long blonde braids chimed in, ” I’ll pay for your bag.” If I wasn’t already emotional this was the cherry on top. She hugged me and said she had been in that exact same spot and wished someone could have done the same for her.

I boarded the flight with gratitude for my what comes my way and how no matter what I somehow know, it will all work out. I landed in Denver and made my way home with the smiling faces of my family when they arrived at the airport.

This trip was truly something I wished and manifested for 2017. I know more amazing opportunities are in line because every encounter I had while in Venice + LA made me grow, made me love, and made me even more appreciative to each soul I come in contact with and with the people who constantly support and uplift me.

Thank you so much to Ashley at The Cannabiz Calendar and Stashlogix I have two awesome bags to Giveaway TO YOU!!!

All you have to do is get 5 people (21+ over only) to sign up for any FUTURE GREEN LODGE GATHERINGS by requesting a ticket here + Subscribe to The Cannabiz Calendar OR post a picture on social media of: Why You Need A Stashlogix Bag! Show us how you carry everything and we will gift you a highly coveted bag.  We will be expanding this year and we need YOUR help!

So spread the Word! Gveaway Ends 4.20.16 and winner will be announced 4.24 at The Green Lodge Goddess Gathering April!

Check out this gallery of all the photos from the trip!

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Green Goddess Gathering – Boulder, CO

Green Goddess Gathering – Boulder, CO


This Article Originally Appeared on

Attending the Green Goddess Gathering was something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. I didn’t know what to expect because I wasn’t entirely sure what it was about, or what would happen, but I ended up learning a lot without learning about anything specifically.

I entered the environment really tired and exhausted after a long day. The initial community getting to know one another was nice as you get to talk to fellow girls that came as well as take part in the communal passing of the peace pipe as well as indulging in some cannabis samples that were supplied from guest vendors.

I have to say, smoking indoors in a public space is really cool. It’s even cooler to do this in a space with a bunch of other lady stoners who are coming together to use cannabis in a thoughtful and lackadaisical way. It’s not just about getting stoned, it’s about connecting through the use of cannabis to relax everyone and make them more comfortable in the environment.

It’s amazing what a little bit of safe space, and some like minded women can do to your soul. I felt like anything I were to do or say would be accepted, and that feeling takes you far places. We all learned beautiful mantras taught to us by a Kundalini Yoga master, Loren. These not only were peaceful but pushed us past our limits. Slight movements and isometric movements, combined with chants and sounds can do so much for your spiritual body and mind.

We all were together chanting, moving, and holding our bodies. Loren pushed us as we did forms of yoga ‘exercises’ we’ve never done before and as a team we all learned how hard it is to sit still. Certain chants made us laugh together, others made us cry, but overall we all felt 100% more connected than when we had began the gathering.

With intermittent weed smoking and endless hugs, we all ended the class with a gift exchange. Seriously, what more could women want besides bud, hugs, and presents??? Put on by woman boss Maggie Murphy, this goddess gathering was truly inspirational and I can definitely say that the peaceful and calming energy of sitting and tuning in can provide you more energy than you ever thought possible. I left feeling re-charged, happier, and having a better state of mind than when I entered.

See More of Danielles Work at

Indigenous Unity | The Green Lodge Roots

Indigenous Unity | The Green Lodge Roots

The Moon Lodge is a place of woman, where women gather during their menstrual time to be at one with each other and the changes occurring in their bodies. – Jamie Sams


Long ago, women were removed from their regular duties of family and were allowed to retreat to the Moon Lodge to enjoy the company of their fellow goddesses. With this being such a sacred time, it is vital that that she be honored as a Mother of the Cosmic Force of Creation.  By releasing the old energy our bodies store and invoking the re connection to the natural rhythm of fertility.

Women are the carriers of abundance and this fertility was understood, respected, and honored by all tribal members, never attempting to stop a women from attending. If it was insisted that the woman carry on with her regular duties it would cause the wrath of The Earth Mother resulting in the uncertainty of the tribes future.

So much of this connection has been lost in the societal norm to not retreat and take care of ourselves that an overwhelming amount of conditions have arisen by the surrounding mental patterns of not taking the time to reconnect with our true Mother and Grandmother. The Moon and The Earth.

Grandmother Moon anciently weaves the waters of the earth, her blood, and so do our cycles  follow that cosmic rhythm. It is common knowledge when women join space and live communally that our cycles synchronistically “link up.” This is one of our natural bonds of Sisterhood.


When you honor the receptive and intuitive nature of other females you tap into something deep rooted in your sacred path. Women have been the Seers and the Oracles for their tribes for centuries. Clan Mothers in tribes such as the Seneca, have the final say in ALL situations.

The Moon Lodges were often called Black Lodges as Black represents the color of the West on the Medicine Wheel. West is the place of Woman and home of the Bear. Hence the term Mama Bear used so frequently. As Bear retreats into the cave to hibernate and digest the information of the year, so women retreat into the Moon Lodge to honor all the gifts she has received from the Mama Gaia during the previous Moon. The darkness of the sky is penetrated by the silvery light from The Grandmother and reflects the inner light inherent in every female.  We each have the shadow and the light. It is your choice to pick which one you live in.

The Black Lodges are the center of Woman’s Medicine and the unity of Sisterhood.


The female energy is receptive energy. Your female side is in despair when you cannot nurture your personal needs. We all need the nurturing a mother can give, and our formative years are shaped by our mothers or lack there of.  The Green Lodge helps woman Come Back to their true mother, The Earth, by directly working with the medicines, not only plants but Crystals, each other, and the Moon.

Together we join to wash away the feelings of blame, remorse, and bitterness by Grandmother Moon in her darkest hour. To create the beauty we so desperately seek we must release the past and trust the future will unfold flawlessly because we are living in the moment. Fear is abundant and thrives when we don’t allow ourselves to accept the nurturing, courage, and strength of the Great Mystery. When we pause for reflection and rest the willingness to receive comes into balance.

When you retreat to the Green Lodge you are giving yourself an opportunity to increase self awareness, make tangible goals, receive visions, examine feelings, clear self inflicted limits, or simply rest.  This is something rarely available in this modern world because women are far to often pushing themselves so much they don’t take the time to collect thoughts, emotions, or even our dreams.

It is time for women to use the idea of The Moon Lodge and retreat to the sanctity of sisterhood. We must learn to love, understand, support, and heal each other. Entering the heart to discover the beauty of retreat and receiving, Cannabis helps open the heart chakra and thus open ourselves.


Request your ticket today for the Green Lodge



Love + Marij + Cannabis Wedding Expo

Love + Marij + Cannabis Wedding Expo



It is the societal norm to have a full bar at your wedding or even stop for a beer during your engagement shoots. Some couples are looking to enhance their wedding day a different way by including a Signature Strain instead of their signature cocktail.

Tangerine Rosemary Cannabis Infused Mocktail. Infused with Tangerine Dream from Herbal Healing By Top Shelf Budtending

Considering In 2012, 3.3 million deaths, or 5.9 percent of all global deaths (7.6 percent for men and 4.0 percent for women), were attributable to alcohol consumption, it is no surprise more conscious minded couples are picking microdosed infused dinners and wedding cakes, canna bars with weed fleets, and sparkling beverages with just the right balance of CBD:THC.


The Cannabis Wedding Expo is in its second year and has three more dates including Portland and San Francisco! This event gives couples a chance to have another option than the standard “pink” expos. I remember planning my wedding and being almost frustrated with how much the wedding market did not represent me or my attendees. The organizers of the CWE, Phillip Wolf + Bec Koop are paving the path to help couples the chance to engage with these industry professionals on an intimate level who are more than willing to help you incorporate Cannabis into your special day!

At the expo you will find vendors offering custom hemp wedding dresses, cannabis floral arrangements, cannabis-friendly venues, caterers, photographers, transportation companies and more which are sure to delight novice and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts alike! – Cannabis Wedding

 Grab Your Tickets Today To Find

  • Live Glass Blowing
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Over 60 Cannabis Vendors + Experts
  • Mobile Budtenders
  • Styled Canna-bars
  • Gift Bags
  • Tasty Samples
  • Even Wedding Dress!

Not sure how to tell your grandma there is going to be Cannabis at your wedding? Click Here to learn how to tell your family you are choosing a safer and healthier option for your guests instead of alcohol!

Check out this video From Last Years Wedding Expo and Head over to LoveandMarij to read about the best strains to serve at your wedding!

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