How I Got Married At A Music Festival And Saved $25K!

How I Got Married At A Music Festival And Saved $25K!

According to The the average wedding is $31,213!!! Check out this article originally appearing on to see how I saved over $25k.

Knowing how well the live music scene pairs with cannabis, this daring bride took a took a truly unique approach to host her wedding at one of the countries biggest and best music festivals!


Mikey & Maggie had always shared a love for dancing to their favorite band; The String Cheese Incident, and had traveled all over the country from music festival to music festival to see them play.   At Electric Forest 2014, Mikey surprised Maggie with a proposal as she sat down with some of their ‘cheese family’ who were keeping it hush the entire weekend.  Mikey’s plan had went off without a hitch.

The cannabis plant had a major part in the couple planning their new life together.  Excited by what legalization had to offer, the couple decided to uproot from their Tennessee roots to start a new life in Colorado.   One month before the wedding, Mikey made the 1500 mile move to start cultivating and managing an industrial Hemp grow while Maggie got started on envisioning her own organic cannabis product line.  Their October destination wedding doubled as the couples going away party.

Simple, sweet, and extremely unique, Maggie sent out custom made laminate invites with custom all access wristbands to match!


That Friday morning arrived and the sun rose through the Spanish moss of the tall trees surrounding the Suwannee River. This was the 3rd year Maggie & Mikey had attended the Halloween weekend spectacular and it felt extra special that they got to kick off the festival with their wedding!

Everyone gathered at the campsite on a beautiful Friday afternoon in Live Oak, Florida. Guests headed into the Camp to honor the plant that was paving the way for the move.  When they started a procession to the banks of the Suwannee River with their entire wedding party, it felt like a new beginning.

As they exchanged their vows and said I do, the official celebration had begun!


11 Workaholics Quotes To Remember: Gearing Up For The Final Episodes

11 Workaholics Quotes To Remember: Gearing Up For The Final Episodes


If you have not been watching Workaholics You are seriously missing out on some legit stoned humor! I know a few people who don’t like it but they don’t smoke weed either..any correlation? I think so. So I compiled some of the best lines before we have to say Goodbye.

11 Quotes To Never Forget





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WORKAHOLICS is scheduled to be back with a 10 episode run in 2017, which is confirmed to be the last!

How about a Stoned Housewife Premier Party!? Dinner, Dabs, & Drinks!

Who’s Interested!

If interested in hosting send an email over to #stonedmomlife


How To: Gourmet Medicated Candy Bars

How To: Gourmet Medicated Candy Bars

Microdosing and Making Your Own Candy Bars

This is such a fun activity to do. With less than 5 ingredients you can make your own bad ass edibles.

First, you need to choose some molds. Amazon has some amazing molds like dragons, fairies, even some Star Wars stuff.


Next, making your own cannabis coconut oil is THE ideal way to consume edibles in my opinion. If you know what to do, it is perfect for someone who doesn’t go to the dispensary very much. At any dispo the price of one 100mg candy bar is an average of $13-20. for a candy bar! Twix are damn 2 for a $1 at the gas station! They are delicious though! Indulge all you wish. I love trying all the amazing gourmet edibles. If your a little frugal and want to spend that same amount but have full bars for days. Check out the recipe below


Using Robyn Griggs Lawrence cannabis kitchen cook book which you can buy here and is also on our gift list, you can make your own cannabis coconut oil. If you want to make something you can eat the entire bar without the worry of saying, “I think I ate to much”. If you place 1-2 teaspoon in an entire recipe you will have an amazing high from small amount of cannabis.

I micro dose dinner all the time for my husband and I. I use such a small amount it’s perfect for when the kids are off to bed and we can lounge together on the couch.

So here is an easy recipe for making your own cannabis infused candy bars!
2 bags Candiquick Molding Chocolate (dark or milk)

Some sliced almonds, coconut flakes, pecans, marshmallows, any toppings you want

1 large glass bowl to place down in quart pan

1 double boiler

Place water 1/2 of the way full in a large quart pot and begin to boil the water. Turn heat down to medium and put bowl on top with morsels. Stir constantly until melted.

CAREFULLY pour chocolate into molds and place pecans, coconut flakes, and other toppings as you wish.

Store in freezer for 10 minutes or until chocolate easily comes out of mold.


Music Suggestions
Purple Magic- The Wizards

Shit Every Stoned Housewife Needs & How To Thrift It!

Shit Every Stoned Housewife Needs & How To Thrift It!

“One man’s rubbish may be another’s treasure'”- Popular Tales of the West Highlands


Most of the time I am to busy cooking, working, and cleaning up after a screaming toddler to go to a nice store and spend a pretty penny on some home wares. Usually I can gather what I need from being open minded over positive manifestor, but sometimes a little trip to pop some tags always turns up a #thriftwin.

Here are a few sure fire ways to find deals if your looking to gather some amazing thrifted goods.

  1. Check out Estate Sales and Antique Stores for Furniture, Dishes, Curtains, etc
  2. Friday and Saturday are the BEST for good deals if your hitting up garage/yard sales. Great for Kids toys, mystery finds,  clothes, small tables, lamps, etc
  3. Check Free Stuff On Your Local Craigslist. I have gotten Printers, Landscaping materials, firewood, tables, plus odd and ends.
  4. When you travel, set time out to thrift with your friends. Try out the local thrift stores BEFORE going to Goodwill, they tend to be a bit more pricey in the thrift market. Not only is it a great bonding experience somebody always finds the dopest shit. We all have that story.
  5. Check Ross! Then TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods.Ross is going to have SOME things for reasonable prices, like kitchen utensils, dishes, kids shoes, and holiday wears. I say, “I got this at Ross.” at least once a day.

Where do you thrift?


High Class Gift Guide

High Class Gift Guide


To Check out the inspiritation for this guide see Oprah’s Favorite Things list click here


Stoned Holiday Gift Guide






giftguide (4).jpg












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