Beyond The Master Class: Trusting Your Spiritual Journey In Your Own Hands


The last thing you need is someone else telling you how to be who you are. 

Throughout history people have claimed to be shamans, gurus, enlightened etc. How do we really clarify who’s right and who’s not so right? First we have to switch off the pattern of constantly seeking validation, certification, and most of all APPROVAL from other “healers” in the community.


I’m about to share with you the most powerful healing technique that has skyrocketed my life into living in Blessed Mode. 


What is Ascended?

Ascended is your own exclusively catered series of personal enlightenment. This is not a program that tells you how to find something that is buried deep within you through some rituals or “manifesting magic”.  It’s not about constantly following the Moon phases. It’s about templates, upgrades, and genetic codes.  It’s about understanding the entire frequency of your current reality. It’s about living as a true expression from Source. This is about polishing the surface!

The glass is hard to see through with there are fingerprints everywhere. How many other fingerprints do you have on you? How many programs, social media webinars, calls, or kits have you had that left you had the slightest hesitation about? Did you listen or push that first instinct to the side….

The shine is already within, you simply have to trust the sounds being carried by the winds deep inside.


How Long Does This Take?

That’s up to you! We can start with 3-7 days and then move on or lock in 3 months of catered healing sessions. If you’re a real zealot for your self-care, we can dedicate a 6 months to a full year just for you!

What’s a Catered Healing Session? 

This is an immersive look into your energetic field. With my help and reassurance,  I can translate and help you transmute subconscious patterns that can be generational tied to this reality. By reading and understanding your entire energetic bio print, we develop a series of techniques that work for you.

Sessions Include:

-Detailed and informative client intake to establish dimensional and vibrational state.

– Balancing techniques exclusively catered included but not limited to Reiki, Solfeggio Hz,  Sound Frequency Healing, Chakra Grid Education, Dietary Tools, Mantras, Kundalini, Massage, Plant Medicine, Crystalline Skin Care Products, Chromo-therapy, Dimensional Integration, Crystal Therapy and much more.

– Peace of Mind

– Accountability

Specifications | Qualification

For the past 15 years my life has been dedicated to pursuing my authenticity, my truth,   but most of all I am dedicated to helping others understand their divinity.

I have received degrees from the World Metaphysical Association and The American Society of Historic Healers.

My expertise covers and is continually expanding in the following subjects

  • Egyptian Culture (Pharaohs, Queens, and Scry)
  • The Emerald Tablets
  • Chakra and Energetic Auric Field Balance
  • Earth Medicine Teachings (Including the Earth’s Chakras Crystal and Nodal Points)
  • Astrology (with emphasis on Lunar, Ascendant, and Lovers)
  • Planetary Pulls and Medicine
  • Usui Reiki
  • Tarot
  • A Course In Miracles
  • Divination  (Crystallomancy, Palmistry, Cartomancy, Astrology, Dowsing, Numerology, Aeromancy, and Precognition)
  • Animal Speak
  • Cannabis Sommelier
  • Psychedelic Consciousness (Psilocybin, Cannabis, DMT, Mescaline, etc)
  • The Ancient Teachings Of The Mystery Schools Of Atlantis
  • The Akashic Records
  • Herbalism
  • Color Therapy
  • Plant Based Lifestyles
  • Indigenous Teachings
  • Past Life Regression
  • Past Life Recall
  • Crystal Spirit Medicine
  • Nikola Tesla Journals + Private Writings on Frequencies and Energy
  • Quantum Computing
  • Transitioning Realms (Death- Midwifery-Birth)
  • Goddess Culture
  • Sacred Sisterhood
  • Organic Skincare Product (Started my own company)
  • Metaphysical Guidance in Primary Education



Start Telling The Story Of The Life Where You Are In Charge, Not The Life You Have Been A Circumstance Of.


Continue Your Path

Stop believing you aren’t exactly where you need to be for the development of your highest consciousness.  


Acknowledgement is the first step in enhancement.


I don’t believe everything just happens for a reason. I have learned that we choose every major turning point in our lives and it is our true spiritual growth when we learn how to control our reactions in any circumstance.  The only thing we actually have control over.


There is nowhere to start except here. So this must be the place.


My name is Maggie Wilson and I am a Cannabis Sommelier,  Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Author, Entrepreneur, Singer-Songwriter,  Sacred Masculine Coach, Divine Feminine Guide, and mama of 2.


I started my spiritual path in 2010 and realized I was already exhausted from the current “shamans and healers”.  The air of “I know it all and you should come to me” was unfulfilling. I could see the “teachers” being as lost as the students.


It was literally the blind leading the blind looking for the blind man who says he can see!


I started teaching, creating meditation guides, developed an award-winning skin care line, hosted spiritual empowerment workshops in California and Colorado, then I gravitated towards something that was deeper. I was telling others WHY they want to do their work,  not HOW to do it. I’m here to reassure..

You didn’t come here to FAIL!


My goal is not to be your teacher, healer, guru, shaman, no. I’m not here to tell you how to heal yourself because I have done it. I am here to work with you, together. We are all still healing or we wouldn’t be here.


Connecting our collective consciousness with a mutual growth mentality.

We Grow – We Heal


This will never be a teacher-student relationship.  I’m not your mentor.

You are your own mentor. Believe the answers are within.

Step 1:

Connect on FB & IG

Book Me For Private Traveling Healing Work At

Step 2:

Schedule a private Skype Consult to get started TODAY!

Step 3: 

If you want to step back (you never really left) into your spiritual journey and regain your divinity,  I highly recommend claiming your copy of The Only Magic Book You’ll Ever Need. Serious Inquiries only

I believe you truly know what you need and I can tell your here because you are in control of your own vibrational being. Let’s begin by looking within.



Treat Yourself to a Cannabis Spa Experience At Home

This article originally appeared on MassRoots

More women are using cannabis to enhance their beauty routine with night creams and bath bombs loaded with THC or CBD. Since you can’t legally toke up in a spa yet, I wanted to do a little in home experiment combining cannabis and crystals to make my own Stoned Spa experience.

Not many people dispute the medicinal properties of cannabis, but Crystal Healing still has some convincing to do on a national level. Crystals have a high rate of vibration so they are utilized widely in modern technology. There are liquid crystal diodes in calculators and the very phone you may be reading this on. They also are used in credit cards, fiber-optic phone lines, and laser technology. Crystals literally power our lives. If we could see the energy fields that make up each and everything, including us, we would all be carrying around crystals to protect and amplify our energy fields. Crystals have their own energy fields and the Crystal Kingdom began on earth before the plant kingdom, so they have a deeper healing property than we have yet to fully discover. Plus who doesn’t love feeling a little witchy?

Using cannabis topicals on your skin can deliver many anti aging benefits by combating wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. Cannabinoids, like CBD, are also known to have amazing anti inflammatory properties. Now you can bring your own spa into your bathroom by making a simple trip to the dispensary and your local metaphysical store. To get the full spa experience you will of course need candles and some crystals. To take it to the next level, I like to use a Malachite Bath Soak which charges the water with the healing properties of the crystals. Malachite is an extremely powerful metaphysical stone and is used for deep energy clearing. So if you have had, “one of those days” you are going to make this your new night-time ritual.

Dank Essence bath bombs. (Dank Essence photo)

Stoned Spa Experience supplies

  1. DIY Face Mask
  2. CBD Bath Bomb
  3. CBD Salve
  4. Joint or Bowl of your favorite strain

For the Face Mask:

  • 2 tsp. Activated Charcoal
  • 2 tsp. Tamanu Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel from Plant or Organic from Store
  • 1 Tablespoon of finely ground cannabis flowers

For the Bath:

  • Dry Body Brush
  • Malachite Bath Soak
  • Heavenly Hash Bath By Mary Jane’s Medicinals
  • Bath Bomb of your choice (I love the CBD Lavender ones from Dank Essence)
  • A nicely rolled Joint, Blunt, Bowl

Time to relax

Mix the face mask ingredients into small bowl and stir until desired consistency is reached. Paint onto face avoiding eyes and hairline, letting mask dry while in the bath. Starting the bath water, add in the Malachite and Hash Bath satchel while the water is still running. While waiting for the bath to fill gently take the body brush and start gently dry brushing your skin.

Dry Brushing helps shed dead skin cells and encourages new cell renewal, leaving your skin more radiant as soon as you start brushing.

The Malachite will turn the water a mermaid green color. Step in and slowly start to dunk the bath bomb. I usually let it sit in my hand and float it around creating a circle. Then sit back and relax!

For an added healing element you can use a variety of mantras to dissolve blocks and let go of any unwanted tension. Being in a malachite bath is a PERFECT time to meditate and light up your joint! By now you are prob in a very relaxed state. If you are like me and enjoy mid afternoon baths, I would grab a sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid strain like Strawberry Cough, Durban Poison, Ghost Train Haze or Lambs Bread. Otherwise those night baths are a perfect pairing with an indica strain like Grand Daddy Purple, Violator Kush, G-13 or Bubba Kush. Once you are done with your smoke, gently lower your head into the bath soaking your hair and rubbing the charcoal and cannabis mask off. Keep a warm wash cloth next to you and gently wipe away any remaining pieces of the mask.

To complete your experience, pamper your body with almond oil or a CBD topical salve to give your skin that last little bit of glow. Store your extra mask, if any, in your fridge and use within 3 days.

Healthy Honeys Photo


Your Goddess Light Is Needed: Time To Get Lit

To My Dearest Sisters,

Are you seeking something outside of yourself? Sending the message the goods you came with aren’t good enough. That you need someone to complete you, some thing, some god. No Honey! Find that fire deep within and watch it burn. You are here to do something amazing, you just need to follow your authenticity to get to it.

Even as I am writing this, my ego wants me to believe that no one will read this or relate to it, or that it is not good enough. Maybe to my ego but it is my truth. What is my ego but a boisterous form of myself I created? I share this because it is what helped me through a time when I was continually seeking to find happiness in everything but me.


When you commit to yourself it shows that you are the elusive heaven you have been seeking. You turn on the light when you make the choice to wake up each day and live your unique life with wholesome intention and authentic resilience.

How do you do this?


Seriously. It may sound easy for some and impossible to others. Take the hard road:

Look back at your past and LOVE every single event,

every trauma,

every celebration,

every funeral,

every childhood friend,

every lost lover.

These things shaped who you are. Change your perspective and look back on these events as if you just died being the most beloved person in the cosmos. Accept the lessons they taught you and how you grew. Imagine you wrote out this life your seeing flash before you. Do you think your soul is cosmic enough to have written the entire story? If you didn’t who did and would you still have your free will if you did not write it?

You are not going to magically change and release it all in one fell swoop, but you can choose to see yourself as a badass cosmic being who is truly unique. Please for the love of all that is sacred, do what ignites you. The world needs you being authentic because no one can come close to what you are.  Know that what you have to offer the world is unparalleled. If someone thinks they can copy you and offer the same, simply send them love. Light up a bowl and laugh a little. Think of it as you have the master plan in your head and they only saw the cover page. No one can do you Better than you!

Choose to Empower You

Choose Your Truth In Challenges

Choose to Light Up 

Create Your Calm

What unconscious pattern on not doing or doing something based on what your parents did? .

Are you highly attached to something outside of yourself to feel safe?

How are your results when or if you take the time to look within?  

Would you rather be filled with unconditional love or a fear that twits your guts like a bong rip to hard?

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Quickly before we dive in:
Essences are crystal infused Waters
Elixirs are crystal infused Oils 
When you infuse the healing properties of the crystals in oil or water, it creates a tonic for health and your well being. Elixirs can be used on the outer body while essences can be taken internally or used as a spray to heal from within.



Amazonite: Contains copper and is toxic to the body.
Azurite: copper 
Boji stone: sulphur content
Chalcopyrite or Peacock Ore :Contains copper and sulphur. 
Chrysocolla: Contains copper
Cinnabar: Contains Mercury
Cuprite: Copper
Dioptase: Copper
Hematite: Iron content high
Lapis Lazuli: Pyrite inclusions are potentially poisonous
Lepidolite: Contains aluminum
Malachite: Copper
Mica family or any flaky stone
Moonstone: May contain Aluminum
Prehnite :Contains Aluminum
Selenite: Toxic Flakes
Sodalite: Aluminum
Tourmaline: Aluminum
Turquoise: Copper and Aluminum
Wulfenite: Contains lead



How To Make A Crystal Essence

  1. Using a Glass container/vase/mason jar: Fill with DISTILLED Water.
  2. Choose your crystals (CHECK THE LIST ABOVE FOR ONES NOT TO USE)
  3. Sit down with your crystals and make the four corners directions around you. Sit in the middle and meditate on your intention. Never make an essence if you are angry or upset. You want the most positive energy to flow through you. You can place your hands over each crystal or imagine a light surrounding you and your circle completely. This programs your intention into each crystal. If you are attuned to Reiki this is a great time to Reiki your crystals and water.
  4. Place your crystals inside or outside the jar for at least 24 hours. I love to place mine under the moon light for reflective purposes and under the sun for revival purposes.
  5. Remove the crystals with a clean pair of tongs and store it in a dark cool place. You can drink the water daily by taking small intention based sips or drink a glass everyday for a healthy boost.


I am not a medical doctor, and do not claim to cure, treat, or diagnose disease.