The Cannabis & Metaphysical Empowering Experience

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 July 28-30 Boulder, Colorado Camping Retreat

||| July : Moon & Medicine Info ||Plant Spirit: Red Raspberry  ||Animal Spirit Path: Dolphin ||| Love

About The Event:

A  divine feminine intensive healing workshop rooted in indigenous Earth Medicines and Metaphysics.  We honor the native practice of The Black Lodge/Moon Lodge of our ancestors before us. Long before books were written about women coming together in red tents, the original inhabitants of Turtle Island were doing this honoring the West shield of the Medicine Wheel. So again we sit in circle as ONE, passing a sacred item while each shares an insight, a poem, whatever you feel called to and deeply listen. Often times there are tears of joy and healing. When you honor the receptive and intuitive nature of other females you tap into something deep rooted in your sacred path. Women have been the Seers and the Oracles for their tribes for centuries. This is a place of unconditional support and safety. (To Read More About The origins of The Black Lodge Click HERE)

The Green Lodge promotes empowerment, support, and help in establishing a foundation for daily practice aimed at each owns personal growth. With educational information about Cannabis, your endocannabinoid system, and how your moon flow can be enjoyable with using simple tools of mantra, meditation, and a variety of Plant, Animal + Crystal Medicines.


We aim to unify our strengths by honoring ancestral traditions while creating new ones. Each month we will gather with an array of Goddess Healers who will lead in varieties of Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Drumming, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Massage, Dream Journeying, Healing Dance & offer their sacred unique gifts. We gather to release, to celebrate, and to truly connect. Be prepared to make life long friends! 

This event is Bring Your Own Cannabis






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