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The Green Lodge is a women’s only metaphysical + Cannabis friendly healing workshop rooted in indigenous Earth medicines & how the female body aligns and flows with the lunar cycles. This July lodge Medicine entails the Goddess Hathor, the Dolphin, the Crystal Garnet, the Plant Red Raspberry.

Maggie, your host and Stoned Housewife will lead in Crystal pairing and CBD For Kundalini Chanting With Special Guests:

Ashley Manta: The Cannasexual 

Ashley Asatu: Creator of the Yogasm Experience and Founder of The HiO Collective

Lauren Unger: Hint of Greens Creator and Holy Fire Reiki Master: Providing the special Plant Medicine of the month with an exclusive recipe of her signature Amazeball Snacks.

Flowers on Flowers 420 with Bouquets and Crowns

Mini Plant Medicine and Yoga Workshop with Shannon of Jambo Superfoods

Quim Rock Intimate Oil

Mama Sailene  

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We begin with intention setting and chanting mantras from the lineage of Kundalini Yoga. Afterwards a joint circle ceremony takes places where Guest Goddess Healer Ashley Manta will explain the importance of self love on a cannasexual level. Before departure each goddess will participate in the Gift Exchange which will be the closing of the lodge.  


Vulva gazing exercise: Have you ever felt self conscious about your genitals? If so, you’re not alone! Let CannaSexual Ashley Manta walk you through a series of exercises designed to help you feel more confident and love your bits! Through photos, art, and even a live demo, you’ll be able to see that vulvas come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re all awesome! This is a powerfully trans-formative experience and one that will stay with you as you move through the world! 

Attendees must be 21+ with, a cannabis patients with valid doctor’s rec and CA state ID.