Volunteer Application

photo via The Alpine Collective

Team Works Makes The Dream Work


Volunteers play an essential role in the magic that is The Green Lodge Retreat. You will performing a variety of functions which ensure the realization of a successful retreat. In exchange for a minimum of 6 hours service( break it up or do all in one day), volunteers are provided with a weekend pass that offers all retreat access and includes a camping permit.

The Green Lodge is built on sisterhood, and self love, and therefore we ask that all volunteers come in this spirit of community over competition; giving of yourself for the greater good of the community and the larger workings of the divine. We are eternally grateful for each and every sister who contributes to the Green Lodge with their light, attention, dedication, and love.


All volunteers working during the festival are required to attend an orientation meeting on the morning of Friday, July 28. Therefore if you will be volunteering your time during The Green Lodge we encourage you to arrive early Friday Morning by 10:30 AM in order to get settled be ready for guests arriving at 3PM. Any volunteer who is not in attendance for the orientation meeting will be required to purchase a Retreat ticket at the gate. ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE 21 OR OLDER!

Upon arrival, all volunteers will be required to sign an agreement in which they will provide credit card information, and will be charged a non-refundable $25 fee that covers the Green Lodge t-shirt supplied to all volunteers. Please note: If a volunteer attends the festival but does not complete all of his or her volunteer hours, he or she will be charged the full price of a Green Lodge Retreat ticket.