WELCOME! This Must Be THE Place, Right?

My intention with this blog is this never downright shame someone no matter how much they wronged people I know, Never to be a snob about growing Cannabis, never to make you feel bad for the way you choose to consume. I will give honest reviews that reveal what I like about products, strain, or other things but never in a way of expressing ill will.

If you choose to see Cannabis as a drug I will not belittle you BUT I also will not hand over the information I myself have searched and educated myself on. That is YOUR responsibility. You can disagree with anything you see and you have the right to your opinion. I have and will exercise my rights on spreading the knowledge of these benefits of the various different aspects of healing that are the foundation to our existence and the sustainability of Mother Earth. I feel we must take into consideration the way of the land, the Earth as our Host not the other way around. Plant and Crystal Spirits share the same consciousness as us and it is my mission, as a cosmic being, to pass on the knowledge I have retained and continue to educate myself with.

Here you can check out some awesome gear, products,education, and generally dope shit!


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