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A NIGHT OF EXPLORATION AND EMPOWERMENT: Green Lodge Goddess Gathering Debuts in LA. Read original article by Ashley Manta

This particular Green Lodge included womb meditation and movement for sexual empowerment facilitated by Ashley Asatu, Reiki healing and Light Work Healing from Reiki Master Lauren Unger, a vulva confidence workshop and vulva gazing experience led by me, and finally a “create your own ritual” experience with Shannon from Jambo SuperfoodsMama Sailene hosted the dab bar with delicious flower rosin and the ladies from Quim Rock had a table showcasing their cannabis-infused pleasure topical. Each lodge has its own specific metaphysical medicine for the evening with a specific animal, crystal, goddess, and plant. For the LA lodge, the plant was Red Raspberry, the animal energy was Dolphin, the crystal was Garnet, and the goddess was Hathor. These were chosen to reflect the theme of love and sexual confidence.



Treat Yourself to a Cannabis Spa Experience At Home

More women are using cannabis to enhance their beauty routine with night creams and bath bombs loaded with THC or CBD. Since you can’t legally toke up in a spa yet, I wanted to do a little in home experiment combining cannabis and crystals to make my own Stoned Spa experience. Not many people dispute the medicinal properties of cannabis, but Crystal Healing still has some convincing to do on a national level. Crystals have a high rate of vibration so they are utilized widely in modern technology. There are liquid crystal diodes in calculators and the very phone you may be reading this on. They also are used in credit cards, fiber-optic phone lines, and laser technology. Crystals literally power our lives. If we could see the energy fields that make up each and everything, including us, we would all be carrying around crystals to protect and amplify our energy fields. Crystals have their own energy fields and the Crystal Kingdom began on earth before the plant kingdom, so they have a deeper healing property than we have yet to fully discover. READ MORE AT MASSROOTS.COM

Bond with Fellow Goddesses at The Green Lodge Gathering

Nearly $7 billion dollars worth of cannabis products were purchased in the United States in 2016, but legalization is spurring more than just massive amounts of revenue. The intense growth of the industry, which is still technically in it’s infancy, is leaving the door open for consumers and enthusiasts to explore opportunities to strengthen their once underground community.

Maggie Murphy, founder of The Stoned Housewife and proponent of the unifying power of cannabis, is one entrepreneur working to do just that. Her idea is to unite the female cannabis community around the world, and it’s starting in Colorado.


Self Love Sanctuary: Ashley Manta


I know I’m not the first to be guilty of faking pleasure, Anyone else with me?  For the longest amount of time, I found myself disappointed at my inability to fully enjoy my experienceNow I am here introducing the first installment of Self Love Sanctuary.

Self love breaks down to be many different levels, each with their own importance. A few years ago I came across an article about a female masturbation class held by Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross. Betty has been a palpable force on women’s sexual pleasure for over three decades. My experience with giving yourself pleasure was that it was sinful and a first class ticket to be damned growing up as young women in a religious setting. The moral dilemma between of being sinful was overridden by being so compelled to experience something I felt was a natural part of life. Betty opened my eyes about how as a mother, entrepreneur, or working 40 hours a week you could still find the time to self love and understand the importance of making your body feel good.

The Stoned Housewife High Class Holiday Gift Guide


Cannabis and Crystals

Crystals have been used to bring us happiness, healing and prosperity for thousands of years. Here are 12 ways you can bring this ancient healing energy into your special wedding day.





Why We Should All Treat Ourselves to Cannabis Baths

In the midst of a busy, hustle and bustle work week, it is highly recommended that we stop and take some time for ourselves. Hot baths have been used therapeutically for centuries as they can help to keep pain at bay, increase joint mobility, reduce the problems with any skin issues and inspire a soothing peaceful mind. Many artisanal beauty companies have begun to use cannabis in their products because of the wonderful way it can relax the mind. Cannabis bath bombs, fizzes, teas, and salts have all hit the market and they’re one of the most effective ways to treat ourselves using the plant.

The Best of Cannabis Bath Bombs, Fizz, Salts and Tea

Moon Rore Organics This eco-conscious company crafts beauty products that are made with ancient healing remedies in mind. Moon Rore combines the healing powers of herbs and crystals to achieve the optimal vibrational healing frequency. They will also take custom orders to infuse their product line with THC or CBD for legal states. Moon Rore Organics currently carry bath bombs & fizzes, facial serums and body oils.

How To: Using Topical Cannabis to Break Any Headache

In my years immersed in the cannabis industry my most favorite products to recommend are still topicals. Topical cannabis products include bath bombs and salts, lotions, salves and balms; essentially anything that we can rub onto our skin. There are topical cannabis brands all around the nation because CBD only products are federally legal, but each brand offers their own spin on the pain relieving balms, salves and lotions.

Doc Green’s is a topical company based out of Berkeley and serving medical dispensaries in the California Bay Area and have been in operation for about seven years. Over in Colorado Dixie Elixirs is responsible for putting out a pretty legendary drinkable and edible line along with their healing topicals, the goal for Dixie is to be “the future of cannabis” which is apparent by their branding alone. On a completely opposite playing field Maggie Murphy, owner and founder of Moon Rore Organics utilizes age old traditions of herbology and crystal magic to infuse special order topicals with super charged healing powers.